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The WSU College of Medicine – has hired more than 40 clinicians and basic scientists to build the faculty necessary to support the operation of WSU’s new medical school. These faculty will develop and implement curriculum for the MD degree program, as well as do research and clinical work.

Most of the new faculty members are Spokane-based physicians who are helping develop the clinical content of the courses medical students will take during their first two years. Each course is taught by an interdisciplinary team of physicians and scientists. When the new school opens (perhaps in fall 2017), clinical faculty members will participate in teaching classes in their areas of expertise.

Besides physicians, five tenure track faculty members were added last year to do both research and teaching. They are professor Marcos Frank and assistant professors Weimin Li, Lucia Peixoto, Bin Shan and Jingru Sun. Each has an active research lab and will be involved with graduate education as well as medical education.

In addition, 18 faculty members from the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine have received joint appointments and will teach medical students as well. (see the complete list in this article)

“We are extremely fortunate to have been able to recruit both outstanding scientists, as well as clinicians, to be part of our faculty in the College of Medicine,” said Acting Dean Ken Roberts. “We are laying a strong foundation for our academic programs and research in the college.”

First- and second-year medical students will do their academic work on the WSU Spokane campus. Third- and fourth-year students will be assigned to WSU’s clinical campuses in Spokane, the Tri-Cities, Vancouver and Everett, where they will be taught and mentored by physicians in those communities.