Roy AlmeidaLast week we wrote about a visiting College of Medicine faculty member from Norway (Janne Grønli) who recently departed after two years at WSU Spokane. This week, we add a second name to our “So long, it’s been good to know you” list.

Roy Almeida, DrPH, is an epidemiologist who was the co-chair of the team that is creating the microbiology and infectious disease course for the WSU medical school. He has taught those subjects to University of Washington medical students in Spokane since January 2009.

Now he’s moving south to Florida where he will teach first-year dental students at the Lake Erie School of Dental Medicine in Bradenton, Florida. (Yes, Lake Erie is in the northeast. This is a satellite campus.) He will teach microbiology, immunology and epidemiology and facilitate the school’s “problem-based learning” approach.

Dr. Almeida’s academic career began during his 25-year career in the Air Force. He served on the faculty of the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences before teaching at the University of Texas-Pan American. He was also director of epidemiology and infection prevention at Providence Health Care in Spokane from 1999-2014.

He received a master’s degree at the Florida Institute of Technology and looks forward to his return to the Sunshine State.

“I’m ready to experience to mild (hurricane-free) winters on Florida’s Gulf Coast,” he said. “I will certainly miss my friends in Spokane but plan to return to the Inland Northwest during semester breaks.”

He leaves not long before the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine expects to hear from its accrediting agency whether the college will be allowed to teach medical students within the next year.

“I consider my most important contribution to be leading the team that worked on teaching and assessment for the new medical school,” Almeida said. “Our team included physicians from urban as well as rural communities and laid the groundwork for a successful path to accreditation.”