Dr. GouletHow did you get into the field? Or alternatively what drew you into this field?
I was drawn to internal medicine by the patients, their diseases, and the intellectual curiosity and dedication of my internal medicine mentors. I love the challenge of intellectually dissecting complex presentations to simplify what has gone awry within the human body. Considering the science within the context of each individual’s life story combines the best of both worlds for me – fascinating physiology and human connection. The camaraderie within the provider team and mission to positively impact each person’s life from a disease state as well as a social determinants of health perspective makes me excited to come to work every day. The vulnerability created by disease is universal, and the space it creates for human connection, communication, and support is unmatched. In addition to patient care, the opportunity I have to wear multiple hats in research, administration, and education is icing on my internal medicine career cake.

What potential impact do you see your work having on others or the world? 
The reward I feel working next to trainees in internal medicine is the best part of my job. Teaching allows me to care for my patients while sharing my enthusiasm for the thought process of medicine, system improvement, and lifelong learning with optimistic, intelligent young physicians in the making. My hope is to equip these learners with tools for patient care, inspire them to view the work of internists in a respected light, and maybe even convince some of them to follow us into the field! The impact I get to make on each patient’s life is a true privilege and advocating for system improvement through research and QI increases impact exponentially.

What do you do for fun? 

I have to admit that I love my job and could not spend the hours I do without it being fun. But, outside of work, spending time with family is the best medicine. My husband and I have a 2-year-old who keeps us on our toes and laughing. We enjoy spending time out on the water on a family boat, crabbing, and walking on the beach. Before COVID, I played pick-up basketball at a local gym to stay in shape. My husband and I look forward to re-connecting in person with friends around the area after the pandemic calms down.

What drew you to the College of Medicine?

I was lucky enough to work with medicine leaders from WSU early during medical school on the east side of the state. They are still some of my fondest mentors. I was ecstatic when the opportunity arose to work with the College of Medicine, particularly due to its mission to develop and retain competent primary care doctors to care for the people of our state. For the last year, the college has supported innovation in the design of our program, whether it be in the value-based primary care platform we are developing, our holistic interview process, or flipped classroom didactics curriculum. I have had the opportunity to watch the College of Medicine train its first graduating class of superb medical students, and the residency cannot wait to develop and propel well-trained internists into medical practices across the state.