Roger BushDr. Roger Bush, MD, MACP, SFHM

Associate Program Director
Internal Medicine Residency Program-Everett

What drew you into this field?
I was drawn to medical education by two motives. I have always been uneasy with my own medical knowledge, both its accuracy and staying current; an anxiety salved by participation in a learning community. I have also always been frustrated and dissatisfied by the quality, value, and humanity of medical care as experienced, and I see young physicians as our best investment in improving that care and its value, quality, and reliability.

What potential impact do you see your work having on others or the world? 
Our graduates are messengers we send into the future, enacting the culture we build together. The business of medicine has been providing expensive, low value, centralized care to people that can pay. We need to build systems that provide high value, mass customized care to Americans everywhere they live.

What do you do for fun? 
I like to sail, run, hike, cook, and read. I particularly enjoy historical fiction. Our home receives three newspapers, and a dozen magazines.

What drew you to the College of Medicine?
I was drawn to it’s mission of improving healthcare access in rural and underserved communities.