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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Equity Committee Members

Christopher J. Davis, PhD

Equity Committee Chair
“I am passionate about continuing to cultivate a culturally competent community and being a part of that community not by assimilation, but by respecting, appreciating and celebrating the uniqueness of individuals.”

Lucia Peixoto, PhD

Biomedical Sciences Representative
“I am committed to creating an inclusive environment in which diverse voices are heard and valued in all aspects of our organization. Promoting equity and inclusion of people of all backgrounds is paramount to achieving excellence in our medical school. “

Naomi Chaytor, PhD

Spokane Campus Representative
“I want to help create an environment that truly values and supports diversity in all forms. This means not only allowing everyone a seat at the table, but also promoting new perspectives and ways of doing things. I am committed to continually asking myself and others how we can do better.”

Thomas May, PhD

Vancouver Campus Representative
“As medical science moves into an era of precision medicine, diversity will become central not only to our ability to do science well, but to ensure that all members of society are able to participate in the benefits of scientific discovery. I am excited to promote this vision at WSU’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.”

Luis Manriquez, MD

Clinical Science and Medical Education Representative
“Health Equity should be our north star in medicine, incorporating equity into everything we do in the College of Medicine will help fulfill our mission to assure the conditions of optimal health for all in Washington.  The students trained at College of Medicine will lead the state and the nation in advancing health equity.”

April D. Davis

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Representative
“To me, diversity means continually and deliberately reminding myself to let go of societies’ lessons on the boxes people ‘fit into.’ I constantly strive to have an open mindset and value each individual’s unique attributes and contributions, which are ever-evolving.”

Dana Algeo-Nichols, PhD

Speech and Hearing Sciences Representative
“I believe that when we give others and ourselves the space to share things openly, like ideas, joy, and dignity, we all receive the power of voice and inclusion.”

Kari Mikesell

Staff Representative
“Diversity to me means embodying and cultivating an environment that allows students and colleagues the opportunity to feel heard, valued and empowered with respect.  Embracing one another’s unique perspectives, ideas and suggestions fosters continuous learning and growth.”  

Leila Harrison, PhD

Ex Officio
“I am passionate about the many facets of diversity. Diversity encompasses not what others see or believe about an individual but what the individual believes, feels and identifies with themselves; the emic perspective. In this way, diversity is alive and ever-developing. It enriches all contexts from which others can grow.”

David H. Garcia

Ex Officio
“Diversity can be beautiful and powerful. Historically, diversity (differences that make a difference) has resulted in the acts of inclusion or exclusion of a people. I believe we have the opportunity to make intentional decisions and take action in alignment with our mission to ensure a full educational opportunity for all who teach and learn here in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.”

Michaela Fallon

Medical Student Representative
“One of the main reasons I chose to attend WSU was due to their commitment to underserved communities and populations around Washington State. Now that I am here, I am driven to help foster a culture within our school that not only supports said communities and the voices they bring to the table, but celebrates them as well. To strive for diversity and inclusion is to strive for a welcoming, well rounded, and receptive environment.”

Marleny Carmona

Medical Student Representative
“As a student of a new medical school where diversity and equity are growing, I recognize the important role that students play in helping develop a culture where people feel welcome, safe and genuinely excited to be a part of. I am committed to be a part working with those who are creating this culture at Elson. S. Floyd College of Medicine for myself, my classmates and those to come after us.”

Anna Zamora-Kapoor, PhD

External Health Professions College Representative
“As a Hispanic female, an immigrant, and a non-Native speaker of English, I am well-acquainted with the concept of disadvantage. I am committed to social justice, equal opportunity, and health equity.”