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Diversity & Inclusion

Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine Ambassadors

During the search process, job candidates may have a wide range of questions about what it is like to work on our campus and live in our community whether in Everett, Spokane, Everett or Vancouver areas. These personal or non-job-related questions can be important to job candidates, but are not appropriate for discussion with search committee or department members.

We have recruited a number of faculty and staff members to be WSU College of Medicine Ambassadors to meet with job candidates to discuss what it is like to live in our communities and work at WSU, using their own personal, community experiences to help answer questions that job candidates may have.

Candidates will be given the opportunity to meet with or speak to a College of Medicine Ambassador. The Talent Acquisition Assistant will work directly with the candidate to arrange the meeting and will not share any information about the request with the department or search committee, except to ask them to set aside a particular time slot for a meeting with an Ambassador, if possible. An Ambassador meeting with a job candidate must come from outside of the department is hiring; the Ambassador will provide no feedback or information to members of the department or search committee, in order to maintain the legitimacy of the search and hiring process; the Ambassador will not provide feedback to the candidate or answer questions about the department for which the person is interviewing.

We hope that this initiative can begin to bridge an information gap and make searches more effective, while still maintaining the confidentiality of searches. In addition, we hope that College of Medicine Ambassadors continue to mentor candidates who are offered a position to help with the transition to their new job by fostering connections with other individuals and resources as well as offering advice, insights, and suggestions ranging from where to get groceries to cultural events to purchasing a home. The College of Medicine Ambassador program adds a personal touch to the recruitment process, but, more importantly, supports the retention of individuals as we welcome them to our community.

If you are interested in serving as an College of Medicine Ambassador, complete this form (to be eligible, you must be a WSU faculty or staff):

After the submission, an individual from the Equity Committee will contact you about the final approval process for being an WSU College of Medicine Ambassador.

For questions, contact Christopher Davis, Clinical Associate Professor, by email or at 509-358-7820.