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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Leadership & Mission


Shaping a new vision for medical education

John Tomkowiak, MD, MOL
Founding Dean
509-358-7549 | PROFILE

Kenneth P. Roberts, PhD
Vice Dean for Academic and Community Partnerships
509-358-7516 | PROFILE

John Roll, PhD
Vice Dean for Research
509-358-7836 | PROFILE

James Zimmerman, BSNE
Vice Dean of Administration, Accreditation and Finance
509-368-6778 | PROFILE

Ralitsa Akins, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
509-368-6797 | PROFILE

Patricia Butterfield
Patricia Butterfield, PhD
Professor and Associate Dean of Research
509-368-6833 | PROFILE

Mary Ann Clemens, EdD, FACHE
Special Advisor to the Dean for Accreditation, Assessment & Evaluation, and Compliance
509-368-6788 | PROFILE

Chris Coppin, MD, PhD
Chief Business Development Officer
Associate Dean for Technology Development and Commercialization
509-358-7814 | PROFILE

Dawn Elise DeWitt, MD, MSC, MACP, FRACP
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Spokane Campus
509-368-6841 | PROFILE

Kevin Murray
Kevin Murray, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Vancouver Campus
360-546-9180  |  PROFILE

Lawrence Schecter
Lawrence Schecter, MD, FACS
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Everett Campus
509-358-7500  |  PROFILE

Farion Williams
Farion Williams, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Tri-Cities Campus
509-372-7434  |  PROFILE

George Novan, MD
Associate Dean for GME and CME
509-368-6718 | PROFILE

Ann Poznanski, MD, PhD, FCAP
Associate Dean of Curriculum

Daniel Teraguchi, EdD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
509-368-6574 | PROFILE

Randi Wasik
Randi Wasik, MBA
Associate Dean of Administration, Finance and Strategy

Dawn Cooper, PhD
Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation

Luisita Francis
Luisita Francis, MD
Assistant Dean for Community Engagement
509-368-6790 | PROFILE

Steven Grossman
Steven Grossman, MD
Assistant Dean for Learning Communities and Student Affairs
509-368-6822 | PROFILE

Leila Harrison
Leila E. Harrison, MA, MEd
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment
509-368-6830 | PROFILE

Gail Chermak
Gail D. Chermak, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
509-335-8849 (PULLMAN)
509-358-7598 (SPOKANE) | PROFILE

Glen Duncan
Glen Duncan, PhD
Chair, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Program
509-358-7875 | PROFILE

Marcos Frank, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences
509-368-6747 | PROFILE

Joshua Jacobs
Joshua Jacobs, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences
509-368-6846 | PROFILE