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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine



Shaping a new vision for medical education

James Record
James Record, MD, JD, FACP
Interim Dean
509-368-6720 | PROFILE

Leila Harrison
Leila E. Harrison, PhD, MA, MEd
Vice Dean for Admissions, Student Affairs, and Alumni Engagement
509-368-6830 | PROFILE

John Roll
John Roll, PhD
Vice Dean for Research
509-358-7836 | PROFILE

Lawrence Schecter
Lawrence Schecter, MD, FACS
Special Advisor to the Dean for Clinical Affairs
425-405-1723  |  PROFILE

Dawn Dewitt
Dawn Elise DeWitt, MD, MSc, CMedEd, MACP, FRACP, FRCP-London
Senior Associate Dean, Center for InterProfessional Health Education Research & Scholarship (CIPHERS)
509-368-6841 | PROFILE

Jaime Bowman
Jaime Bowman, MD, FAAFP
Interim Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Everett Campus

Gail Chermak
Gail D. Chermak, PhD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
509-335-8849 (PULLMAN)
509-358-7598 (SPOKANE) | PROFILE

Dawn Cooper, PhD
Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation
509-368-6798 | PROFILE

Luisita Francis
Luisita Francis, MD
Associate Dean of Land Grant Mission and Community Engagement
509-368-6790 | PROFILE

Carl Heine
Carlton Heine, MD, PhD
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Spokane Campus
509-358-7931 | PROFILE

Judi Marcin
Judi Marcin, MD, MFA
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Vancouver Campus
360-546-9180 | PROFILE

Radha Nandagopal
Radha Nandagopal MD, FAAP
Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Continuing Education
509-358-7665 | PROFILE

Farion Williams
Farion Williams, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Tri-Cities Campus
509-372-7434  |  PROFILE


Lisa Burch-Windrem
Lisa Burch-Windrem, MEd
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
509-368-6872 | PROFILE

David Garcia
David H. Garcia, MEd
Assistant Dean for Health Equity and Inclusion
509-368-6924 | PROFILE

Kristina Lindquist
Kristina Lindquist, MS, PhD
Assistant Dean for Career Advising and Student Programs
509-358-7500 | PROFILE

Sterling M. McPherson, PhD
Assistant Dean for Research
509-324-7459 | PROFILE

Glen Duncan
Glen Duncan, PhD
Chair, Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
509-358-7875 | PROFILE

Jeff Haney
Jeff Haney, MD
Chair, Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences
509-368-6860 | PROFILE

Amy Meredith
Amy Meredith, PhD
Chair, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
509-368-6709  | PROFILE

Ken Roberts
Kenneth P. Roberts, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Translational Medicine and Physiology
509-358-7516 | PROFILE