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American Sign Language

American Sign Language

The department offers a two-course (8 semester credit hour) sequence of courses in American Sign Language, ASL I (SHS 201) and ASL II (SHS 202). These courses are taught by a certified interpreter and are open to all students, regardless of major.

The first course (ASL I) builds vocabulary skills and knowledge of the language’s structure and introduces students to deaf culture. The second course (ASL II) develops advanced expressive and receptive conversation skills and extends the students’ perspectives on deaf culture.


SHS 201: American Sign Language I (4 credits)
Instruction and practical training in sign language for communication with persons who are deaf; deaf culture; beginning conversation skills.

SHS 202: American Sign Language II (4 credits)
Prereq SHS 201. Sign language systems; vocabulary and skill development in signing and interpreting signs; intermediate conversation skills.


The American Sign Language courses are also available online through the WSU Global Campus. These courses are available to non-Speech and Hearing Sciences majors.

Speech and Hearing Sciences majors are required to enroll in face-to-face campus sections in their senior year.

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