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Class of 2021 NEP graduates

Congratulations, graduates!

Celebrate the Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Class of 2021!


Congratulations to our bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. We are proud of your many accomplishments and look forward to seeing your expertise in action to serve the communities where you’re needed most across the state of Washington.

BS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (BS NEP)

Gunnar Blankenship, BS NEP

Michaela Long, BS NEP

Christopher Schafer, BS NEP

Cecilia Guajardo, BS NEP

Peter Luu, BS NEP

Rachel Schmaltz, BS NEP

Natalie Hayes, BS NEP

Victoria Magrum, BS NEP

Olivia Tung, BS NEP

Briannia Ladson, BS NEP

Melissa Poe, BS NEP

Maddie Weiler, BS NEP

MS Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (MS CPD)
MS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (MS NEP)

Kellie Anderson, MS NEP

Anne Gorsek, MS CPD

Sabrina Samuelson, MS CPD

Ben Wolff, MS CPD

Mikalah Barem, MS CPD

Brianna Hooks, MS CPD

Taylor Schutzenhofer, MS CPD

Carly Dietsche, MS CPD

Matthew Kokos, MS CPD

Katherine Stutz, MS CPD

Christina Dobrowski, MS CPD

Abbey Roberts, MS CPD

Laura VanderStarre, MS CPD