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Class of 2021 SHS graduates

Congratulations, graduates!

Celebrate the Speech and Hearing Sciences Class of 2021!


Congratulations to our bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. We are proud of your many accomplishments and look forward to seeing your expertise in action to serve the communities where you’re needed most across the state of Washington.

BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences (BA SHS)

Jennifer Biedebach
Jennifer Biedebach, BA SHS

Emily Jernigan
Emily Jernigan, BA SHS

Lindsey McBride
Lindsey McBride, BA SHS

Gabrielle Tibbitts
Gabrielle Tibbitts, BA SHS

Nicole Coppersmith
Nicole Coppersmith, BA SHS

Hayli Johnson
Hayli Johnson, BA SHS

Shaelyn Moracco
Shaelyn Moracoo, BA SHS

Mia Villarreal
Mia Villarreal, BA SHS

Viivi Fellin
Viivi Fellin, BA SHS

Alissa Ludeman
Alissa Ludeman, BA SHS

Madeline Schmidt
Madeline Schmidt, BA SHS

Taylor Westphal
Taylor Westphal, BA SHS

Jordan Gravatt
Jordan Gravatt, BA SHS

Danielle Lund
Danielle Lund, BA SHS

Chadelle Smith
Chadelle Smith, BA SHS

Delaney Williams
Delaney Williams, BA SHS

MS in Speech and Hearing Sciences (MS SHS)

Judith Alvarez
Judith Alvarez, MS SHS

Emilyanne Bray
Emilyanne Bray, MS SHS

Rachel Duty
Rachel Duty, MS SHS

Melissa Lyness
Melissa Lyness, MS SHS

Elizabeth Petrich
Elizabeth Petrich, MS SHS

Lauren Sanford
Lauren Sanford, MS SHS

Sarah Wahlroos
Sarah Wahlroos, MS SHS

Shannon Beebe
Shannon Beebe, MS SHS

Alexandra Bredy
Alexandra Bredy, MS SHS

Madeieine Goldsmith
Madeieine Goldsmith, MS SHS

Tristin Moreland
Tristin Moreland, MS SHS

Julie Ramsey
Julie Ramsey, MS SHS

Allison Saur
Allison Saur, MS SHS

Anna Bollinger
Anna Bollinger, MS SHS

Karen Brown
Karen Brown, MS SHS

Danielle Greger
Danielle Greger, MS SHS

Sarah Morin
Sarah Morin, MS SHS

Kayla Roberson
Kayla Roberson, MS SHS

Tashina Smith
Tashina Smith, MS SHS

Jessica Bradshaw
Jessica Bradshaw, MS SHS

Leann Cozza
Leann Cozza, MS SHS

Justyna Hjeltness
Justyna Hjeltness, MS SHS

Alyssa Peterson-Bathurst
Alyssa Bathurst-Peterson, MS SHS

Melissa Rocha
Melissa Rocha, MS SHS

Megan Stephenson
Megan Stephenson, MS SHS