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Virtual Clinical Center

The Virtual Clinical Center is the central point for all simulation-based training at the at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. The center boasts 10 clinical exam rooms, two high-fidelity simulation suites, a classroom for skills-based instruction, a conference room to support video debriefing, and lab space for the creation of low-cost tissue models in-house.

The curriculum supported by the Virtual Clinical Center encompasses all aspects and modalities of health care simulation. These include partial-task trainers for teaching basic physical exam or clinical procedural skills, manikin-based simulators to allow learners to experience the pressures of caring for a patient in an acute-care setting, and RQI system and computer-based virtual reality simulations for the purposes of exploring emergent technologies and their application in educating the physicians of tomorrow.

The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine also uses Standardized Patient Simulation, which involves individuals playing the role of a patient. These standardized patient encounters assist in the development and assessment of humanistic and clinical reasoning skills.

Standardized Patient Simulation