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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine


Recognizing our Donors

Elson FloydElson S. Floyd served as president of Washington State University from May 2007 until his death in June 2015. Dr. Floyd believed that a land-grant university should be rooted in service to the public and pursued educational programs and research that aligned University resources with the needs of the people of Washington.

Dr. Floyd saw an opportunity for WSU to meet the state’s need for more physicians. He envisioned a WSU medical school at a time when few others thought it was possible. He led the way in establishing community-based medical education in Washington.

The Elson S. Floyd Medical Education Founders Fund was created upon Dr. Floyd’s passing to continue to advance his vision for medical education. The University is deeply grateful to donors to the fund.

Nancy Fike
Senior Director of Development

Liz Fleming
Development Director

Victoria Miles
Development Director
Puget Sound Region

$1,000,000 and above

Thomas and Barbara Wilson

Edmund & Beatriz Schweitzer
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Incorporated
American Endowment Foundation
Harriet Cheney Cowles Foundation
Betsy Cowles and Jim Meyers
Stacey & Anne Cowles
Gary Schneidmiller
Schneidmiller Family Foundation, Incorporated

Constance Niva & Judsen Marquardt
Theodor & JoAnne Baseler
Jacklin Investments – Duane, Doyle and Don Jacklin

Bob and Charlene Clark
David & Jeanne McGoldrick
Kent & Cheryl Christensen
Richard & Betsy Ellingson – In memory of Betsy’s father, Dr. John Vaughn
Molly M. Philopant
Peter and Kathryn Forsyth
Dupree Building Supply – Mike & Debbie Leslie and David & Joann Barber
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding
John and Julie Gardner
Avista Corporation
Bob Ray Crist & Meryam Alaoui Crist
Bill & Georgette Savitz

Daryl & Rebecca Dewald
Don & Mary Ann Parachini
Inland Northwest Community Foundation
Donald & Candace France
Robert & Marcella Dragnich
Suder Foundation
Dan & Pamela Bernardo
Floyd & Judy Rogers
Frederick & Rita Poe
Lawrence & Mary Hill

ExxonMobil Foundation
William and Alice Fitch
Thomas and Melody Scherting
Donald and Janice Pelo
Seattle Foundation
Rosauers Supermarkets, Incorporated
Glenn and Sally Baker
Dorothy M. Drain
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Myrtle Fulfs
John and Mary Jean Herda
Larry and Caron Ogg
Ann Redmond-Blais and Paul Blais
Paul and Betsy Sunich
T. Ryan Durkan and Charles Burdell
Frederick and Janice Tompkins
David and Deborah Grant
Robert Lillie and Virginia Allan
Scott and Liz Morris
Jon and Gretchen Jones
Knight Foundation

Gary and Lisa Marks
Boeing Company
Rhoda Lynn Altom
Tirsit S. Asfaw, MD
Olivia Owyong Yang
Kenneth and Sharon Roberts
Paul and Marti Casey
Scott and Lisa Taylor
Robert and Jennifer Landick
Daniel and Joanne Castles
Mark and Amy Giustino

Up to $2,499
Jeffrey Haberly and Lisa Steele Haberly
US Charitable Gift Trust
Rick Simon and Melody Hall
Steve and Patricia Pennak
Paul and Sue Cochran
Joel and Janet DeLisa
Midge D. Bashaw
Barry and Carole Jones
Lura Powell and Art King
Howard and Phyllis Veith
Cecelia Joan Quirk
R. Jeffrey and Deborah Markin
Stephen and Diana White
Mark and Cheryl Giffey
Koichiro Iwasaki
Ruth Stockdill and Michael Rau
Richard and Bonnie Winkenwerder
Sylvia and Roy Markham
Jeffrey Douglas Doty
Ann Goos and David Thorud
John Adolph Sciuchetti
William and Felicia Gaskins
Donald and Terri Kelts
David and Sandra Bielski
Lyle and Betty Appleford
George and Jean Fries
Mary J. Sobczyk
Christopher and Stacey Mulick
Yvette Roubideaux
Walter and Delores Hyden
Deborah Reed
T. Michael and Kristin Cappetto
Dennis and Christine Barnes
Anonymous donor
Robert William Landerholm, MD
David Escobar, DO
Betty Kathleen Adams
J. Thomas and Mary Ellen Bradley
Rich and Annette Bowie
Gary and Sandra Fryer
Donald and Dorothy Ferrel
Orene Kay Harder
Robert and Brenda Bray
Diana C. Hughes
Rachel Edith Anderson, PhD
Life Science Washington
Joshua Alfred Utt
KeyBank Foundation
Kathleen Alison Dunham
ARCS Foundation
Jerry and Patricia Hein
Douglas and Ramona Lawrence
Marc David Bailey
Bruce and Denise Smith
Jessica Elyse Pickett
Dean C. Allen
Blue Mountain Community Foundation
Barbara and Thomas Richardson
Mardelle Brutzman and Virgil Kromminga
Hein Family Foundation
Darlene Gai Kelly
Michael and Pamela Kauffman
Compass Oncology
Gina M. Meyers
Randall and Jane Hardy
Tom and Ruth Ann Johnson
Richard and Doris Turner
David Nelson
Eric P. Gierke, MD
Gallatin Public Affairs
Mr. Campbell and Ms. Musselman
Kathryn and James Dickson
Nancy Harnasch
Florence L. McCabe
Thomas and Linda Nihoul
Robert and Deborah Askins
John and Deborah Oftebro
Judy L. Foster
Douglas and Cynthia Wrigley
Lee and Joan Sahlin
Karol L. Satterthwaite
Hugh and Mary Toomey
James and Cynthia Oster
Stanley C. McKinley, Jr.
Richard McKinney and Catherine Barry
Linda Louise Blackwelder Pall, PhD
Li-Wei Jen and Ren-Yu Tzeng
Gerald and Ann Hardy
Les Purce and Jane Sherman
Brian and Nancy Quint
Robert and Marie Robinson
Skyler and Lisa Smick
Mikal and Lynn Thomsen
Philip and Diana Tiegs
Northwest Farm Credit Services
Sahlin Foundation
Dale and Shizue Kaku
Michael and Susan Gillespie
Martin and Judy Verbrugge
Marion P. Woyvodich
Dennis and Deborah DeYoung
Mary Steffens Schweitzer
Aaron and Beth Swanson
Mark and Margarete Litzinger
John and Ann Liberato
Gay Selby, EdD and Barbara Clausen
John and Heather Byrne
Craig Rice and Mary Knopf
Robert Pierce and Kim Zentz
Robert and Micki Flowers
George Novan
WSECU of Olympia
Zach Francis Disalvo
Bank of America
Gayle C. Larse
Charles and Sheryl Jacobson
Robert and Delia Lafferty
Barry and Patricia Briggs
Andrea Gleichweith
Doug and Jan Jonas
Bond Owens, Jr.
Frances Carr
Robert Lee Ferguson
Peter and Leslie Stone
Eric and Kimberlee DeJong
Blair Losvar and Katherine Countryman
Eric Alan Bowden
Douglas and Katherine Mitchell
Debra Rae Trapp-Roehm
Judith V. Pace
Pharmacia Foundation
Lee Ann Fordyce
George H. Howard
Robert Randy Hopkins, MD
Ryan Anthony Davis
Linda Kay Jensen
Royal Heights Transfer Station
Steven and Sandy Hill
Joseph Candelario and Megan Dierckins
Dave Clark and Mary Beeby
Ott Insurance
Jeld Ink, LLC
Daniel Fong Dang
John and Kathleen Parry
Joni Lorein Merrick
Paul Hollie
Virginia Lee Kusler
Jerry and Lyla Meyer
Michael and Dorothea Landowski
Alexander L. Brzezny, MD
Shirley A. Ort
Sujith Mally
Gerald and Teri Paul
Shanna Lundstrom
Judith L. Albrecht
David and Sharon Mudra
Arthur and Lianne Pearson
Cassa Kay Hanon
William and Linda Renn
Daniel John Campbell
Robert and Janet Duncan
Louie Sanft
Douglas and Judith Willcox
Paul and Shawn Saline
Jamilyn Granston
Michael and Laura Snover
Mark and Mary Comstock
James Donald Dubois
Gary Michel and Jan Carrington
Eric and Elizabeth Schneider
James and Donna Reinbold
Becky A. Rettkowski
Matthew and Marian Brouns
Steven N. Snyder
Carolyn Clark, PhD
Mary A. Kohli
Blankenship Farms, Incorporated
Carver and Carmen Gayton
Richard and Marilyn Smiley
Happy Day Corporation
Roger Fay Nyhus
Vicki Christophersen
Kari Brotherton
Daniel and Dolly Blankenship
Loney and Sheila Carlson
Greg and Megan Pursell
Barbara Kimbrough
Evelyn Heider
Allison Duncan and William Niemeyer
Peter and Diane Joss
Larry and Sue Bale
Toyota USA Foundation
Erica and Bruce Austin
Scott and Julie Bean
Eriann Pearson
Bernard A. Kain
Keith Allen Cummins
Nhuong and Cam-Tu Nguyen
Jane Marie Kirk
James Ernest Griswold
Chris Russell and Mary Kay Dolejsi
Donald and Susan Seely
Isaac and Autumn Wells
Jack Arends
Brett and Ariane Oglesbee
Jamie Anne Huizinga
Stephen and Verna Bergmann
Paul and Kathy Fletcher
Richard and Beverly Hayashi
PACCAR Foundation
Ethan and Maureen Crawford
Sarah M. English
Radha Nandagopal, MD
Raytheon Company
Zach Sando
M. Elaine Burgess, PhD
Trudy Ann Baldwin
Edward George Ellefsen
Robert Lorin Foster
John and Joan Gorow
Kathy A. Mangold, MD
Robert and Christina Lentz
Meryl R. Gersh
Gary and Amanda Tucci
Letia L. Hayward
Woody and Suzanne Haizlip
Chris Paul Brandon
Kristian Hadden Adair
Michael and Wendy Popke
Robert and Mardel Lovely
Sandra L. Slichter
Eric and Lora Hineman
Patricia J. Phillips
Gary and Joyce Yost
Tracey JoAnne Kipp
Doug and Shari Brindle
Richard and Sue Heydon
Patrick and Kris Murphy
Kerry E. Radcliffe
Paul and Peggy Wiggum
Ethel L. Gobbato
Pualani K. Kondo
Edward and Maryellen Hanks
James and Andrea Gall
Burton and Nancy Cannan
James and Debora Massart
Ryan William Young
Edwin and Suzanne Hamada
Janis Lynn Hemingway
Bechtel Foundation
William and Beverly Dobler
Gordon and Tammie Ensign
Frances Lee Filer
Norma Jean Morris
James Ezechiel Shima
Jacob Fey
Wayne and Melani Allert
Craig Kole
Marcus Jerome Capers
James and Susan Jensen
Garry and Deborah Gross
Jose Samson
Chris Rivera and Sally Halela
Wilfred Ngiciri Ngugi
Wyman Youth Trust
Dennis and Carol Comeau
Dr. Brady Deaton and Dr. Anne Deaton
ValaRay J. Irvin
Ward and Boni Buringrud
Terry Alan Fischer
Frances Wilson Lloyd
Christopher and Susan Marker
Edward John Tinney
John Terrey and Elizabeth Matysik-Terrey
Randy and Kathleen Maurer
Mark N. Daquila
Richard and Kathleen Emtman
Ronald and Kimberly Porter
Patrick J. LaFramboise
Richard and Mary Case
Richard and Florence Crowther
Carol Anne Black
Robin and Denise Oury
Michael J. Portmann
Steven and Sharon Brumbaugh
Edison K. Putman
Patricia L. Ryan
Steven and Dayle Wright
William F. Zobrist, III
John Roll and Mary Ann Chapman
Donald and Judith Billings
Kathleen A. Thompson
Roger and Joan Root
Karen and David Ogden
William and Faye Seehafer
Stephen and Shellie Witter
Richard and Cynthia Sonstelie
Ralph and Katharine Brindley
Brad and Jennifer Fisher
Samuel D. Palpant, MD
34 Degrees of PEARLfection
Nancy Henderson
Christopher Thomas Cowan
Curtis and Erika Hennings
William and Marian Johnson
Nancy L. Fike
Lawrence Margerum
NBBJ Architects
Pullman Fire Department
Robert Gene Bradford
Randall and Frances Chun
Kenneth C. Carlson
Willene Horton Daniel
William and Rae Ann Dugger
Jerry and Carol Doerr
G. Stanley and Joan Fergin
Mary Kay Fowler
Carolyn Joy Hoisington
Anthony Lee Abshire
Arin Alise Dunham
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Patricia L. Rossini
Robert and Christine Peterson
Cherilyn Lea Brennan
Aaron and Molly Dahlgren
Mark Michael Corpolongo
David Leo Kelley
Gary and Libby Tart
Charles and Jane Riley
Jeffrey and Janell Meehan
Janice Greenwood
Jeffrey and Robin Burn
Sherry Hieken
Stephens College
Joel and Colette Loiaocno
Dorie D. White, DDS
Nils and Lois Ladderud
William and Janet Loscher
Charles and Linda Maki
Bonnie Jean Nielsen
Lester H. Nordlund
Roger and Cheryl Cockerline
Lynn Gibson
Wayne and Karen Rembold
Lois C. Richards
Loren and Ann Schuoler
John and Joan Sousley
Vitolds and Susan Vitums
Janet Irene White
Jean Gleason Witt
Theodore and Shelley Vanderheyden
Peter M. Houck
Suellen Jo Cholvin
Brian and Kristen Dennis
Michael and Harriet Lynch
Donald L. Libby
Alfons and Linda Steiner
Murray and Vicki Stopherd
George W. Hinman
Betty Mae Dart
Douglas and Cassandra Picha
Susan Browning Roberts
Thomas and Jeannine McFarland
Douglas and Linda Janachek
Linda Cranfill
Anthony and Barbara Catania
Glenn and Mae Yokomura
Howard and Diane Engle
Nicole J. Mirante-Matthews
Harold Collins and Peggy Riggers-Collins
Roosevelt and Mater Butler
Muhammad and Hameeda Ashraf
Joan and Robert Reilly
Terence and Ann Esvelt
Craig and Amy Padavich
Dr. Robert Short and Dr. Emer Dooley
Harold and Lynette Haskins
Eric and Sally Barnum
Kirk and Laura Barney
Hilery Mercedes Kirchmeier
Joel and Lisa Liefke
Stephen and Andrea Brinton
Cherie Marie Murchie
Todd Anthony Bowers
Rick and Elizabeth Tupper
David and Doris Click
Philip and Kathy Doto
John David Larson
Charles and Janet Downen
Craig Wood Gable
Marcia E. Garrett
Ray W. Harrison
Sharon Elaine Hammer
Tyler Curtis Pomeroy
Gary and Linda Bailey
Doug and Winnie Qu
Amy Rueda
Jana Claxton
Virginia Schafer
James and Lori Straus
John and Donna Fabian
James and Mary Fredrickson
Robert and Janice Menaul
Tonya and Rob Stevenson
Gary and Erin Mundinger
Ryan and Cheryl Haines
James and Leslie Thompson
Matthew James Hutchinson
Deborah Blake
Raytheon Charitable Giving
Henri Broekmate
Crane Foundation, Incorporated
Charles and Joan Jinneman
Arlene Winona Anderson
Paul and Kimberly Bodnar
Marc and Tina Lowenthal
Terrell and Marla Deere
MaryAnn Sande
Ronald and Linda Wigal
Linnea C. Preston
Keith and Joan Guenther
Ronald L. Richardson
Phillip Cody Boal
Daniel Garcia
Kimberly J. Noe
James and Carolyn Ballo
Debra L. Gillett
Scotty Ray
Eldon and Dorothy Landin
Rory Allan Pitts II
Kayla Nelson
Deborah L. Mensinger
Carolyn F. De Marce
Kyle and Jennifer Weir
Hillford W. Anderson
Gloria Jean Bang
Shirley A. Birchfield
C. Douglas and Susie Brown
Barbara Berreman
Frederick and Dorothy Bower
Wayne and Marianne Capps
Carol L. Colburn
William and Marilyn Crozier
Teena Paige McDonald
Thomas and Bonnie Doan
Gary and Linda Dukelow
William and Patricia Galligan
Gary and Karen Davies
Linda Leith Gruss
Steven and Barbara Grega
Michael and Monne Ironside
Barbara Ann Churchman
Philip and Doris Cleveland
Kam and Michelle Robinson
Christina Louise Cotterill
Carol L. Jeffords
Eric and Nancy Berger
Norman and Tovi Harris
Stacy Darcel Johnson
Fred and Lori Lennox
Robert and Katrina Mealey
Colin Andrew White
Robert and Mary Kleinpaste
Michael J. McNamara, PhD
Danny and Ann Bowling
Angela Susanna Cox
Brian and Melissa Knutzen
Marc Richard Hayashi, DDS
Omega of Theta Xi Alumni Association
Edward Sala
Dennis and Patricia Larson
Jason Christopher Doss, PharmD
Michael Allen Blankenship, PMHNP
Louis and Nancy Kardonsky
Sukhbir S. Gill
Jonathan and Brianna Buschbach
Derrick Alan Klein
Andrew Laurence Foss
Timothy and Jill Berney
Caesar and Donna Paul
Don and Danielle Winton
Jake Kyle Bredstrand
Edward D. Lazowska
James and Eileen Harbertson
Celena Charmaine Canode
Mary Selecky
Bruce Alvin Winter
Lowell and Marian Kenedy
Jay Edward Kent, PhD
Larry and Jennifer Roseman
Marilyn L. Knight
Charles and Suzanne Cowan
Edwin Anthony Karlow, PhD
Joli Mosier
Arthur and Sarah Smith
Karen R. Sutter
Lauren Marie Carrosino
A.G. and Rita Rud
Bonnie Cooper
Terry T. Moos
Susan K. Kometani-Dittmann
Thomas Y. Plowden
Charles and Debbie Baxter
Thomas W. Rogers
Marcie E. Maxwell
Mary Harrison
Thomas Thompson
Johvin Perry
Michele C. McLaughlin
Joyce Kirk
Kelly Mescher
In Ja Halcomb
Janet Pisaneschi
Rogers Weed
James W. Schmotter
Nancy Kuehnoel
Helga Ding
Smith Anderson Blount Dorsett Mitchell and Jernigan LLP
Wilma I. King
Charles and Kathryn Digges
George and Frances Barnecut
Judith A. Kramer
John Low and Julia Hobbie-Low
Michael Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards-Turi
William Parks
Candy Castellanos
Fredrick Johnson
Nicholas C. Davis
Emily Niederst
John and Sherri Tomkowiak
Patricia Anne Halvorson
Bradford and Linda Augustine
Sherill Lambruschini
Sara Jane Lust
Linda Ann Luiten
James and Diana Anson
Charles and Marilyn McKenzie
Walter and Robin Morgan
Merck Company Foundation
Evelyn Jager McLaughlin
Marvin and Paula Chamberlain
Dallas H. Patterson
Roy and E. Claire Peterson
Shirley I. Porter
George and Kathleen Petrich
Marvin R. Remillard
Steven Dominic DePaul
Norman Lee DeShaw
Nancy Kay Schmauder
Betty Mae Snyder
Philis and Paul Beran
Gary D. Storment
Darrel and Judy Duncan
Nancy Meredith Sias
Kenneth and Mildred Stenehjem
Chellis Smith Swenson Jensen
David and Kay Duskin
Kathryn Herr Stoneking
Robert and Mary Terry
Douglas and Jacqueline Thompson
Christopher A. Schappel
Christine A. Landerholm
Bonita Thelma Roberts
James and Donna Weller
Jacqueline J. Whipps
Robert John Weimer
Michael Connell and Colleen Welter
Pamela and Brad Methner
Randel S. and Carolyn C. Bunch
Tony Chi Tse
Mike and Mary James Dolan
Heidi Lynn Urquhart
Erik William Johansen
James Daniel Hunsaker
Case and Kathleen Kwak
Slate and Amy Studer
Lorraine Nelson and Gene Labberton
Lindsay Ann Fiker
Robert and Pat Fukai
Ronald and Karri Livingston
Kathryn Mackey Simons
Timothy and Susan Giesa
John T. Doan
Jon Hatch and Ann Blakeslee
James D. Hansen, PhD
Charles and Pamela Harbour
Douglas and Jill Poffenroth
Diane L. Kolb
John and Nancy Hinton
William and Anita Harbour
Cam Smith, III
Lyle and Angilee Couey
George K. Pickett, Jr.
Scott and Kathy O’Farrell
Fred and Jennifer Baxter
Amy and Tom Hughes
Robert E. Schiffner
Larry and Elaine James
Jerry Johnsen and Stephanie Ragland
Bruce L. Johnson
H. Warren and Gloria Jones
Mary and Obi Okocha
Gerald and Joanne Hartman
Paul Leonard and Roberta Schaeperkoetter
Bruce and Debra Kittrick
Kathryn M. Larsen, MD
Gary Edward McIntosh
Thomas and Linda Miller
Charles S. Natsuhara
David and Susan Neal
Charles and Joan King
Linda Jean Aiken
Gail D. Chermak, PhD
Robert and Laurienne Newell
Diane Leonore Weber
Dennis and Laura Rea
Karen C. Peterson
William and Linnea Boaz
James and Valerie Harris
Bob and Faye Hinrichs
Kathryn A. Salmon
Kent and Chris Smith
Scott and Montie Smith
Samuel and Terrill Hurlbut
Reed and Karen Spencer
Michael and Kay Miller
John Owen Startzel, PhD
Robert and Paula Spence
Richard and Judy Vermeers
Sam Jankovich
Joseph and Rose Blake
General Electric Foundation
Victoria Joanne Murray
Kurt Patrick Weipert
George O. Ray
Kadlec Medical Center
Reid and Beth Schafer
James and Edna Estlund
Richard and Viola Stone
Mark and Nancy Brandon
Nancy and John Heard
John and Rosalyn Phillips
Robert and Judith Standley
Harold and Dalia Wolverton
Sherrie Nagy
Monica L. Mansfield
Charles and Becky Heieck
Ray and Carolyn Bloom
John Schneider and Shira Broschat
Larry and Toni North
Michael and Katherine Tarbox
Jane Koller
Lynne and Kevin Haley
Emi Dickens
Peter and Kelly Isakson
Yasuho and Julia Miyakawa
Han-Zhong Li
Richard and Alice Felt
Lewis and Joni Marler
Dennis and Nola Koesel
Richard and Nancy Schneider
Michael Angelo Niemann
Lawrence and Elizabeth Brown
Robert and Lynn Tuck
Chris and Kris Mikkelsen
Garnett Shirley Hordemann
Drs. Barbosa-Canovas & Rodriguez-Vivaldi
Cheryl and Brian Smith
Adrian and Amy Jensen
Lars and Karen Ek
Dean and Cindi Fondahn
Gary and Elizabeth Foss
John and Carol Gaffney
Harry R. Boesche, Jr.
Timothy and Kathleen Kadlec
Donald and Julia Peck
Kathryn and Michael Brown
Stephen and Carolyn Natcher
Kali Sakai and Ken Moore
Jack and Mary Barga
Terry and Regina Mutter
David and Margaret Lewis
Michael and Debbie Dugger
John and Mary Soderlind
Ella Inglebret and Nick Sanyal
Jan and Lorrie Bredal
Michael and Jill Chase
Brannin and Susan Beeks
Mike Maples and Marjorie Henderson
Chris-Allan and Jennifer Peha
Ryan Hare and Nicole LeBlanc
Doreen Main
David and Victoria Miles
Robert H. Robertson
David and Patricia Angstrom
Ronald E. Jennings
Don E. Beck, MD
Matthew and Mary Giannini
John and Lisa Madden
Vito Montanarelli
Charles C. Mellinger, II
Greg and Sally Conley
William and Diane Wenke
Terren Marie Roloff
Cori Kathleen Medeiros
David Lowe
Sue S. Yamaguchi
Paula and Dale Fitzsimmons
George and Peggy Smith
Duane and Linda Bordwell
Kimiaki and Margie Hirose
Barbara Jensen
Edward and Bonnie Alm
Alice Marie Brislawn
Bradley Waldemar Blegen
Thomas and Margaret Keck
Thomas G. Andersen
William Frost
Gretchen Galer
Lael Marie Gedney
Estelle Lee Glarborg
Eleanor Mardell Hill
Jesslyn Burdick Howgate
Kandice Marie Kambitsch
Sean Michael Stewart
Donald and Lois Frame
Jason and Nickole Winfree
Roger and Kimberly Wigfield
Patrick and Peggy Day
Drew Manning Hadley
BlackRock, Incorporated
Richard and Rebecca Barringer
Amanda Jean Goertz
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Kasey Thomas Webster
Grady Clapp and Melissa Wu
Bob and Karin Neuenschwander
Collin Scott Ballard
Warren and Kathy Trullinger
Christopher Luke Taylor
Jay Daniel Hmielowski
Hans amd Judith Van Dongen
Rachelle Marie Rozsonits
Lisa Abrahamsson
Clifford and Joan McCray
Jordan Malone Tiegs
Danielle Audra Robison
Patrick and Judith Manza
James and Lynda Nicholson
Austin C. Marshall
Stacy Leland Carter
Todd and Amy Meredith
Gary and Starr Kanikeberg
Jennifer B. Lin
Patty C. Williams
Renee Neighbours
Vasiliki V. Howard
Janice M. Nordstrom
Stacie Wilkes
GlobalGiving Foundation
Mary Mattea Kraft
Judi A Standley
Jill Ravenscraft
Allison Perez
Gregory and Kristen Dobb
Teresa Ventimiglia
Delta Center Employee Fund
Neal Alexander
Cindy L. Cover
Linette Winters
Rick and Harkins
Lorie Ann Lucky
Julia E. Preuschoff
Gerald and Margaret Dagle
Susan M. E. Davidson
Thomas and Marion Smith
Norma E. Stejer
Claudia D. Stockdale
Karen Ann Stevenson
Juliann Smitt
Devena Jean Thomsen
Dennis and Roseann Tonkin
Carol and Joe Kowalski
Leo and Janice Vandervort
Kathleen Kita-Palmer
Ian Patrick Warren
Shirley Ann Williams
Heather Holt
Eileen D. Osborne
Carolyn M. Wallace
Raymond and Vicki Willms
Robert Ellis Wheaton
George Wasson and Shelly Nilsen-Wasson
Susan McFadden-Dalton and Pat Dalton
Brent and Shannon Carefoot
Kristi Jensen Dills
Dominic and Angela Chow
Kevin Ford and Gerilyn Parker
Brijendra Kumar Garg, PhD
Lee and Linda Hackett
Andrew McAlister and Erin Quigley
Margaret H. Holcombe
Wayne A. Hildebrandt, PhD
Sharron P. Sellers
Marc and Kathleen Christiansen
Mark and Kimberlee Tempel
Ronald Clifford Harpel
Scott and Kelly Sylvester
Stephen M. Lindeman
Harold and Adelina Wirch
Ruth MacLaurin
Mary Anne Olmstead
Nancy Marie Potter, PhD
Robert Raff and Mary DeLois
John and Judith Strausz-Clement
David and Sharon Stecher
Ronald and Kathleen Ryan
John and Diane Skog
James J. Tamura, Jr.
Joel Keith Thorson
Char Tolonie
Robert and Claudia Peavy
Jackie K. Bolden
State Farm Companies Foundation
Jackie K. Reid
Johnny and Karen Malone
Garith and Oretta Krause
Karen R. Mensinger
Robert and Margaret Settle
Bruce and Judith Bayley
R. Greg and Leigh Sutton
Jamie and Kelli Tolf
Allen and Janice Houtz
Roland and Karen Colliander
Meredith Gustafson
Suzanne Paulo
Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving
Elizabeth DeWeese
Peter and Melanie Smith
Kevin and Sandra Burke
Jason Micheal Anderson
Todd and Jennifer McKinlay
Gale and Margaret Schmidt
R. Brian and Helena Rowse
Jennifer and Brandon Larmer
Meredith Jane Norris
Justin and Kerri Clary
Daniel and Mary Peterson
Hill and Mary Williams
Alison Leigh Harder
Anton and Barbara Fleischman
John and B. Joan Bernard
Dennis and Linda Hamburg
Arlen and Pat Veleke
Charles and Carol Bird
Murray and Vicky Webb
Kurt And Alison Beckman
Marc and Roberta Anderson
Bill and Marietta Stokes
Kathleen and David Leonard
James and Lynn Snyder
Ronald and Rebecca Straka
Kathleen and Jack Eaton
Kappa Delta
Kanani K. Reichlin
Donna Patricia Lemon
Charles and Barbara White
Erika Fleck
Sidney and Lynne Tracy
Kenneth and Sharon Doop
Joanne Marie Dixon
Stephen and Kathy Thorson
David and Linda McTaggart
Tonia Lynn Gable, DVM
Meg and Jason Weber
Ian and Billie Meuschke
Allan and Christy Bafus
Brent R. Harvey
Ann Elizabeth Gagner
Corwin and Marianne King
Mikayla A. Kusuda
Michael and Sara Pattison
Shirley Johnson
Steve and Beverly Berg
William F. Voiland
Lisa Kayceen Bliss
Ronald C. Janzen
Chris and Kim Reykdal
Timothy and Cathryn Osborn
Lee and Joanne Anderson
Amy Marie Jolley
Karen Rademaker Simpson
Kristin Lynn Anderson
Jason and Jordan Roesler
Morag Stewart, PhD
Jason Thomas Puz
Tu Minh Nguyen
Meghan Elizabeth Bowman
Yasser Nyazi
Russell Leonard Skurski
Irene Marie Kievat
Mario and Deborah Ehlers
Timothy R. Woodiwiss, Jr.
Lisa L. Heard
Edie and Robert Grube
Ivan and Nina Rybachuk
Kaitlin Rose Hudson
Gail and Eric Spolar
Mary K. Hagstrom
Jeanne Marie Keatts
Susan J. Barhitte
Cheryl N. Pauling
Brooke Ellis Ledeboer
Ethan Green
Ken and Gretchen Fincher
Debbie Nogueras
Matthew Eng
Reekitta Grimes
Roslyn Woodle
Rachelle Nesta
DeAnn O’Leary
Susan B. Senner
Jeff and Victoria
Michael and Kathryn Stanek
George and Jean Lo
Roy and Linda McIntosh
Rebecca and Robert Johnson
Robert and Connie Peters
Janice and John Lenhart
James and Sarah Rice
Martin and Debra Hanson
Mary Louise Shattuck
Barbara Ann Blatter
Willis Sibley and Marjorie Hegge
Neil Joseph Tarte
Craig Simanton and Karen Givens
Enid E. Edgers
Ann-Marie Gardner
Dorothy B. Walker
Ernest and Alice Iseminger
Sandra Kae Pedersen
Steven and Kathy Bay
Susan Marie Hadland
Charles and Hermine Fordham
James and Margaret Campbell
Patricia K. Rieken
Nicholas Carl Julich
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Lawrence K. Mahuna
Charles and Barbara Gadsden
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Lawrence and Vernene Scheurer
Betty Lea Trout
Gary and Gillian Turner
Clinton and Carol Allen
William and Elizabeth Bakamis
Robert W. Hubner
Nancy Clark
William and Joy Goodenough
Denise and Michael Faerber
Loretta Marie Walker-Smith
Timothy and Diane Marsh
Johana Doyle
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Charles and Margaret Chambers
Jeffrey and Mary Lundt
Craig and Mary Stucky
Merle and Joelle Jackson
Gerald and Alice Simmons
Norman and Sharon Scott
Bervil and Karrie Marsh
Wallace and Lillian Middleton
Nancy E. Piovesan
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Sally Jackett Riley
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Jamey and Kerrie Turcic
David E. Haizlip
Kenneth Tilson Wiegand
Waylon and Ashley Safranski
Loren J. Totusek
Michelle Rianne Brown
Jessica K. Gonzalez
Nicole J. Fukuhara
Shen Wu Audrey Tan
Erika Adriana Serranoromero
Kevin M. Quigley
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Kumar Gaurav and Renu Rawat
Marcia L. Tulloss
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Paul Baker and Kelly Myott-Baker
Kathryn A. Smith
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Raymond and Arlene Beale
Carmen Louise Bossenbrock
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Nola Lucille Cook
Jack Anton Ellingson, PhD
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Robert and Karen Colleran
Gilbert and Karen Flanagan
Ashleigh Marie Hart
Craig Robert Olsen
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Melissa Anne Bogert
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Bernie Vog and Roxann R. Bell-Vog
Elaine M. Swanson
Dino P. Josie
Robert H. Masch
Patrick K. Wilson
Jill M. Couette
Steven Danielson
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Portable Cedar Cabins
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Viora Lea Strait
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Gene Edward Miller
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Anupama Ramabhadran, PhD
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Lancaster Ranches, Incorporated
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Mr. and Ms. Isaac Henry Sedric Fontaine, IV
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Kolmodin Associates
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