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Family Medicine Residency Program – Pullman

Frequently Asked Questions for the Family Medicine Residency Program – Pullman

How many residents are you accepting?
Our program will accept three (3) residents for the 2022 academic year.

What is your application timeline?
For the 2022 Match, we will begin accepting applications September 2021. Applications will only be accepted through ERAS. All intern positions will be filled through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

How many letters of recommendation may I submit?
You may submit three (3) letters of recommendation. One must be from family medicine department chair, clinical supervisor, clerkship director, or family medicine program director.

When are your interviews?
We will interview November 2021 through January 2022.

Are USMLE exam scores mandatory?
US medical school applicants must pass step 1 and step 2 CK prior to graduation.
Non-US medical school applicants must pass step 1 and step 2 CK in order to be ECFMG certified.

Do you have a minimum USMLE score?
Although we have made it our policy not to quote a “minimum score” for the USMLE, please be aware that we are a highly competitive program and a higher score will increase the strength of your application.

Do you accept COMLEX scores instead of USMLE scores?
Yes, but we recommend submitting USMLE scores in addition to COMLEX.

Do you offer preliminary or transitional year positions?

Do you hire outside of the NMRP match?
No, we do not.  We participate as an “All In” program with the NRMP and are therefore prohibited from hiring outside of the Match.

Do you offer visiting resident rotations?
Currently we do not.

Do you participate in the couples match?