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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

HPA – Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Jae Kennedy
Jae Kennedy, PhD
HPA Professor & Department Chair

Gary Smith, PhD, FACHE, PMP
Clinical Associate Professor

Robin Durfee
Academic Coordinator

Affiliate Faculty

Gerald Kobluk
HPA Instructor
Partner, Paine Hamblen
Litigation Specialist; Co-Chair, Healthcare Practice Group

Sterling McPherson, PhD
HPA Instructor
Assistant Professor, WSU College of Nursing

Dan Simonson, CRNA, MHHP
HPA Instructor
Managing Partner & Chief Anesthetist, Spokane Eye Surgery Center

Denise Smart, PhD
HPA Instructor
Associate Professor, WSU College of Nursing

John Kalb
HPA Instructor
Operational Excellence Executive, Kootenai Medical Center