Brittany Bear

Obstetrics – Gynecology, Swedish Medical Center

About Me

The thought that I could ever become a doctor would have been comical to me whilst growing up. Not because my family didn’t believe in me, but because it would have been far outside of what I would have conceived of as possible. I didn’t know a single doctor outside of a clinic in my youth. If you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up as a young child then I would have said that I would be the first woman in the baseball hall of fame. Unfortunately, this did not work out. However, I have taken a convoluted path to medicine and I could not be more excited about this opportunity. I landed in medicine because I have an intense interest in how social factors impact the human experience and ultimately human health. I hope to be a change agent for patient care going forward into my career.

Medical Student Journey

I am a first-generation college student from Washington State, and I look forward to providing care to my community. I once thought that I would be a social science researcher working on social determinants of health and inequity, but I have instead entered medicine with the goal of working on these issues. I hope that this mindset will allow me to provide excellent care for patients in WA, while also allowing me to advocate for them at a state and national level.

Hopes & Aspirations

I hope to be a change agent, advocate, compassionate and empathetic provider for my patients.