Lindsay Livingstone

Specialty, Placement location

About Me

My journey towards becoming a physician was circuitous. Growing up, I worked in my dad’s animal clinic and that was the beginning of my love for science and medicine. As time went on, I found that I had an equal love of teaching and I began a career working with school-aged children with special needs. While I was pursuing something I loved, I still found myself drawn back to medicine. I remember sitting in class on my first day of undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology and it clicked, I realized that becoming a physician would be a means to incorporate both of my passions. As a physician, my career will be steeped in science but also requires me to assume the role of an educator. I came full circle from my initial aspiration of pursuing a career in veterinary medicine to earning my MD.

My medical school journey

In medical school, it became apparent that the art and practice of medicine is about much more than what is taught in textbooks. The way I interact with my patients and how I advocate for them is equally as important as the medications I prescribe. The emphasis WSU places on holistic patient care has allowed me to become a more well-rounded budding physician.

Hopes & Aspirations

It is my hope to practice as a hospitalist in an underserved area and with marginalized populations,” says Livingstone.

As a physician, I will continue to use my passion for advocacy to help enact positive change.