Marcos Arreola

Internal Medicine, University of Washington

About Me

I was brought into the world in La Habra, California, to two of the most supportive parents and an older brother. We moved to Washington when I was roughly six years old, had two other brothers, and spent the rest of my life there. I went to Shoreline Community College for undergrad and then transferred to UW after getting my associates. Throughout my college career I had a lot of different unrelated jobs and had the dream of becoming an aerospace engineer. However, it wasn’t until I started working at a hospital as a patient services representative when I realized that a career as a doctor was the choice for me. Thus began my journey to taking painstakingly difficult science classes, studying for and taking the dreaded MCAT, strengthening my med school application, and preparing for and doing the nerve-racking and expensive med school interviews. I was so ecstatic to receive that acceptance letter and was glad that my journey prepared me to face the same rigors in medical school. Basketball is a favorite hobby of mine and keeps me healthy, so I enjoyed playing it with my classmates in medical school and it was a nice break from studying.

Hopes & Aspirations

I plan to enter an academic internal medicine residency program so that I can properly prepare myself to become a cardiologist. I’ve rotated with lots of different fields of cardiology (general, interventional, electrophysical, transplant, pediatric, congenital heart disease, vascular, etc.) and still don’t know which sub-specialty I would pursue. However, I’m sure my journey through residency and beyond will help me decide.