Philip Bohlmann

General Surgery, Oregon Health & Science University

About Me

I started my medical career as an emergency medical technician nearly 10 years ago. I was inspired to pursue medical school because I saw that as a physician I would be able to help people in more significant ways. After 2 years of medical school, I had my first surgery experience and was again inspired by the ability of surgeons to definitively and tangible solve problems.

Medical Student Journey

When I was an EMT I spent several years working in rural areas of Washington. I also spent several months volunteering in disaster-stricken parts of the world. I want to spend a significant portion of my career working with underserved, rural, and international communities.

Hopes & Aspirations

I hope to be a strong general surgeon, specializing in either vascular or trauma/acute care surgery. It is very important to me to work with underserved populations and to work in developing countries. One of my greatest passions is teaching and I hope to make an impact as a surgical educator.