Taylar-Rhea McGuire

Obstetrics – Gynecology, Sparrow Hospital

About Me

I spent most of my life in the Yakima Valley—but really, I have lived around most of the state of Washington. For the most part, I call Selah my hometown. I was raised by an amazing single mother, Tess, and had one brother, Cobey, before becoming a “molded-family” when my stepfather Jim came into the picture. I attended Central Washington University where I studied biomedical sciences and graduated with presidential honors in 2018. After that I was blessed to matriculate to the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. While studying here, I married my best friend and high-school sweetheart Jay Skeen.

Medical Student Journey

Personally, underserved and disadvantaged patients are my ultimate passion,” says McGuire.

I spent most of my life surrounded by neighbors and family who struggled to pay their bills, let alone pay for their medical expenses. From an early age I decided that I wanted to help them—and that translated into attending a school that focused on educating providers who would work in areas with struggling patient demographics.

Hopes & Aspirations

I aim to be a full spectrum provider. My goals are to spend time truly hearing what my patients say to me and to treat the person and not the “problem” in front of me. After residency, I plan to return to Washington state and serve the very population that raised me.