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Kiah Sullivan

Pediatrics, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I was born and raised in Port Angeles, WA. Growing up, my fabulous parents, Scott and Sherri Jones, fostered a deep love of the outdoors and sports. They also both modeled careers in public service, with my father working as firefighter and my mother working as an adoption specialist. From an early age I felt a calling to have a career that improved the lives of others around me, just like my parents do. After graduating from Port Angeles High School, I attended Central Washington University on a volleyball scholarship. While at CWU I majored in Cellular and Molecular Biology and worked in an immunology/parasitology research lab, where I was blessed to be mentored by Dr. Blaise Dondji. Dr. Dondji, along with my Mom, helped convince be that medical school was not out of my reach. After all, “Why not me?!” I decided to apply to medical school at the end of my junior year of college and was lucky enough to get a spot in the inaugural class at WSU. My now husband, Cody, proposed to me on graduation day from CWU and two months later we moved to Spokane to start the medical school journey! My husband and I were married in between years 1 and 2 of medical school and are now expecting our first child at the end of year 4! Due date: the day before Match Day! I will never be able to thank my husband, parents, family, friends, and mentors enough for their support over the last 4 years! It has been an absolute grind at times and I couldn’t have done it without you all!

My medical school journey

I applied to WSU because the mission of the school truly spoke to me,” says Sullivan.

Growing up in a rural area I had witnessed exactly what health disparities plagued regions with lack of access to care. I wanted to go to medical school in Washington state and I was passionate about rural primary care. Throughout medical school I have maintained a passion for primary care, specifically pediatric medicine. I truly felt like my medical school journey had come full circle when as an MS4 I got to spend my rural rotation in my hometown, working with pediatricians who had taken care of me growing up!

Hopes & Aspirations

I have a passion for pediatric medicine and hope to either become a general pediatrician or to sub-specialize in neonatal-perinatal medicine. Regardless of what I do, I also plan to be involved in medical education in some capacity!