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Kimberly Huynh

OB/GYN, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

About Me

I grew up in a rural and underserved part of Washington. My parents are refugees from the Vietnam War and I am a first-generation student. I want to be an OB/GYN because I want to be an advocate for women, more specifically women who look like me, my mom, aunts and grandmas. This is my main drive for pursuing residency at Harbor-UCLA where I can use my language skills in Chinese and Vietnamese (and soon Spanish as well) to help support women through their lifespan.

My medical student journey

In medical school, I was fortunate enough to combine my background in consulting and passion for research to investigate ways to optimize healthcare delivery for women, particularly the underserved. Although conducting research at a brand-new medical school had its own challenges, the College of Medicine worked diligently to support me throughout her endeavors. They provided administrative support, mentorship, and scholarship. These research opportunities pushed me to work autonomously and gain true ownership of my projects, which is a unique opportunity for someone so early in their career. I hope to carry this forward in residency as I continue to care for underserved populations clinically and research avenues to improve our healthcare system so it works for all patients.

Hopes & Aspirations

As I have experienced with my own family, there is a common narrative among immigrants to distrust the healthcare system. When these patients walk through the door, I want to be able to support them and be there for them by saying, “Hey, I look like you and I am telling you this hospital is a safe place.” As we diversify and welcome what today’s physician can be, we can begin to dismantle barriers to healthcare. This is the reason why I want to be an OB/GYN, so I can be a true ally for women in minority groups and women of color.