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Sye Jabbouri

Orthopaedic Surgery, Yale-New Haven Hospital

About Me

I was born to an Assyrian Iraqi family who escaped war and moved from country to country until finally settling in the Seattle area. Washington state is the only home I have ever known, and I am proud to have completed my undergraduate studies in molecular biology at the University of Washington and medical school at Washington State University. As the first person in my family to be able to pursue a career in the medical field, I feel fortunate to have this unique opportunity to be a medical school graduate and to start residency in orthopaedic surgery.

I am humbled to have the privilege of improving the lives of my patients through a combination of surgical skill, medical knowledge, and compassionate care,” says Jabbouri.

My medical school journey

WSU’s College of Medicine is committed to fulfilling the healthcare needs of Washingtonians especially those living in challenging environments. When my family and I first arrived in Washington state, it was the compassion of the community that helped us overcome the countless obstacles we faced. This has made me adamant about giving back to communities in my home state. During medical school, I had the opportunity to participate in various outreach programs supporting high school students, refugees, and the homeless. These experiences reinforced my belief in the importance of compassion, appreciating diversity, and serving without passing judgement. My long-term goal after completing my orthopaedic training is to practice in Washington state to improve the lives of my fellow Washingtonians.

Hopes & Aspirations

I strive to become a leader in the field of orthopaedics where I am known for providing high-quality, compassionate, and equitable care to all my patients. My goal is to be remembered for my contributions to medical advances, academia, and the community. I also aspire to mentor and educate the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons not just in the U.S. but also in developing countries.