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Trevor Roush

General Surgery, Danbury Hospital

About Me

I grew up in Kirkland, WA as one of six siblings. As a young lad my passion was athletics and my dream was to be a professional football player. Becoming a physician was the pipe dream. After high school I accepted an athletic scholarship in football as a running back. Succeeding in an honors, pre-medical curriculum while balancing my full-time job as a football player was validation that becoming a physician wasn’t so farfetched. As I matured and the concussions mounted, a shift occurred where I found fulfillment in the dream of serving others and not how much weight I could bench press. This priority shift compelled me towards civic service and accepted a position as a high school chemistry teacher at Crenshaw High School in South Central Los Angeles as part of Teach for America.

Though the most challenging (and rewarding) time of my life, seeing the success of my kids as a result of my leadership made it clear to me that I would only find fulfillment in a career where I was dedicated to the service of others. As I immersed myself in the Crenshaw community I realized how much I valued and missed being a part of my own community. Witnessing the success of my students and watching them chase their dreams inspired me to refocus my energy to pursue my own dream of becoming a physician serving – the community that raised me. I moved back to my home in Washington and humbly accepted a position in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine’s inaugural class.

My medical school journey

Rotating in Everett for my clerkship years opened my eyes to the problems near my hometown of Kirkland. My time with the Trauma and Acute Care Surgery team demonstrated how a trauma surgeon is the dependable leader of the team from both a surgical and medical standpoint during the most vulnerable position of a patient’s life. My pathway towards general surgery started with the aspiration to always grow, learn, and be at my best.

Hopes & Aspirations

I want to be a surgeon that can meet someone at their most vulnerable, hold their hand, and let them know they can trust me,” says Roush.

I hope to one day return to the Northwest, and be someone who is able to actively serve those in my community both inside and outside of the hospital.