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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine


Career Advising Program

From the first day of enrollment, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) helps students explore their passions within medicine. Our goal is to train physicians, regardless of what field of medicine a student chooses, to serve Washington’s underserved and rural communities by solving health care challenges and inspiring people to help some those challenges as a team to (1) improve the patient experience of care, (2) keep populations healthy, (3) decrease the cost of care, and (4) improve the work life of health care providers.

Our Career Advising Program helps all students create a rich and varied experience with many guideposts along the way. The goal of this program is to enhance students’ professional development by providing personal and career-oriented support through individual and small group meetings with the deans and participation in developmentally appropriate programs, events and workshops. The Career Advising Program is not meant to guide a student into a specific Residency. OSA will connect students with expert resources regarding clinical, research and educational opportunities available to students, in addition to providing information on support services guiding students with personal and career exploration.

Career advising resources:

To make an appointment for career advising, please contact Dr. Steven Grossman.