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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine


Entering Year 2017 Class Demographics and Statistics

Application Stats

Total AMCAS Applications711
Total Secondary Applications sent501
Total Completed Applications466
Total Interviewed332
Matriculated Class60
Catch Ratio1.52:1

Demographic Stats

Females34 (56.7%)
Legal Washington Residents57 (95%) *Other 5% had ties to WA
Childhood Rural County7 (11.7%) *Based on AMCAS
Childhood Rural WA County10 (16.7%) *Based on Office of Financial Management Data
Childhood Medically Underserved County58 (96.7%)
First Generation College Graduate11 (18.3%) *Bachelor's Degree
Low Socioeconomic Status20 (33.3%) *Based on AMCAS EO1 or EO2
Average Age26
Age Range21 - 36
Advanced Degrees7 (11.7%)

Academic Stats

Mean Overall GPA3.6 (Range: 2.92-3.98)
Mean BCPM GPA3.4 (Range: 2.66-3.98)
Mean Old MCAT*29.6 (Range: 24-34)
Mean New MCAT*505.8 (Range: 495-521)

*Only the highest MCAT was included if an applicant took both exams