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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

MD Class Demographics and Statistics

Applicant Pool Data For All Cycles

Below is the demographic information for the most recent 4 application cycles within the complete (submitted a secondary application), interviewed, and accepted pools for each cycle. This information assists in putting the student body and most recently enrolled class demographic data in context. This information lends context to the outcomes of holistic review in our process.

  EY 2019
CO 2023
EY 2020
CO 2024
EY 2021
CO 2025
EY 2022
CO 2026
Complete ApplicationsFemale^53%54%53.4%52.3%
WA Residents95.6%94%94.2%93.5%
Childhood Rural County11%10.5%8.3%8.7%
Childhood Rural WA County9.6%9%7%7.4%
First Generation College Graduate15.5%16%18%14.6%
Low SES26.4%22%24%24.5%
Mean Age^25252525%
Advanced Degrees9%9.7%11.7%11%
Military Service2.3%2.6%2.7%3.5%
WA Residents95%93.4%93.2%93.1%
Childhood Rural County17.4%17%12.4%13.6%
Childhood Rural WA County15.7%14.6%11%12%
First Generation College Graduate21.5%22.3%25%19.9%
Low SES32.3%27.7%31.6%30.7
Mean Age^25252626%
Advanced Degrees11%10.6%13.3%14.5%
Military Service3.5%5%5.6%5.1%
All Accepted (not final matriculated)Female^61%64.5%60.4%64.4%
WA Residents95.5%90.3%92.5%91.7%
Childhood Rural County17.5%25.8%19.4%18.2%
Childhood Rural WA County15%21.3%16.4%14.4%
First Generation College Graduate31.8%27.1%31.3%28%
Low SES35%30.3%39.6%40.2%
Mean Age^25252626%
Advanced Degrees13%13%15.7%22%
Military Service6%6.5%11.2%8.3%

^Not considered in admissions per law; reported only as additional characteristics of the class
*FERPA guidelines recommend not reporting characteristics amounting to less than 5