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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

MD Program

Student Affairs

About the Office and Organizational Structure

Our mission is to help you succeed as a student, a professional and an individual from acceptance to practicing physician. We provide holistic support using our 10-Year Individual Success Plan, in which every student receives a personalized plan to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Support includes:

  1. Financial education and literacy;
  2. Individual capacity building to foster self-care and well-being with resilience and coping interventions for stressors as they emerge throughout your career and personal life;
  3. Fitness and nutrition plan over the next 10 years to adjust to work/life rhythms and transitions;
  4. Master learner strategies to thrive in any educational context;
  5. Professional identity development as a physician that intersects with other important salient identities as a source of strength, belonging and empowerment;
  6. Social connectedness to classmates, surrounding communities and ESFCOM communities across the state, nationally and worldwide.
  7. Career advising, career goals and personal aspirations.

Contact the Office of Student Affairs by emailing or calling 509-368-6827.

We partner with the WSU Health Sciences Spokane Student Affairs Office to provide holistic support including counseling, learning specialist, and financial aid.

The ESFCOM Student Affairs team includes:

Daniel Hiroyuki Teraguchi, Ed.D
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
509-368-6574 | PROFILE

Lisa Burch-Windrem, M.Ed
Director for Student Affairs

Rich Ronnestad, MS, CFP®
Director of Financial Education and Scholarship Support
509-368-6852 | PROFILE

Kyle Holbrook, MA
Community Host Coordinator

Justin Craigmile
Program Assistant for Compliance

Sara Wiener
Administrative Assistant

Savannah Anderson-Bledsoe 
Office Assistant