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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Student Affairs

Learning Communities Activity Timeline

AugustOrientation, White Coat Ceremony
September - June (Year 1)Monthly connection with Human Values in Medicine and promotion of Individual Success Plans
Identities of Self and the Profession (separation and overlap); Complement curricular professional identity development with a focus on integration of other important salient identities
OctoberHuman Values and Medicine (life & personal stressors)
NovemberRevisit fitness, wellness and nutrition plan
DecemberCaring for each other, progress to date, returning home
JanuaryIntro to AAMC Careers in Medicine
FebruarySummer Plans in coordination with scholarly project mentor, academic coaches
MarchRevisit Fitness, wellness, and nutrition plan
AprilProfessional Identity and Self Next Iteration
MayFinal Reflection
JuneEnd of Year Celebration (joint celebration)
September - June (Year 2)Student Affairs will have individual (monthly and as needed) oversight conversations with the Mentors, and help fascilitate private conversations between APM-Academic Portfolio Coaches and Mentors.
Minimal monthly discussions are expected between: Student Affairs and each of the LCM’s; Between the four LCM’s; and between the LCM’s and their Co-LCM’s to explore all aspects of support students; and to problem solve student situations.
Personalized mentoring for each student (on average 15 hours per month for 10 months is the expectation along with maintaining a log of each interaction to be kept confidentially within the Office of Student Affairs.
DecemberHoliday Celebration
JuneEnd of Year Celebration