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Student Handbook

Accreditation Process

The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine (ESFCOM) has received preliminary accreditation status from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) which allows for the continuation of the activities required to achieve provisional accreditation. The accrediting agency provides the college with standards that ensure those seeking an MD degree are considered competitive in both residency and practice. The institution will participate in self-assessment, peer review and student assessment to determine the efficiency of its functions.

The accreditation process is a 4 step process that will span the first four years of the charter class of medical students.

  1. Candidate Status: In February of 2016 the LCME granted candidate status and the college began its work on accreditation documentation.
  2. Preliminary Accreditation: The ESFCOM has been granted preliminary accreditation which allows for the recruitment and seating of the charter class.
  3. Provisional Accreditation: A second LCME site visit is scheduled during the 1st quarter of 2019; information gathered will be assessed at the June 2019 LCME meeting.
  4. Full Accreditation: When the charter class of students are in their 4th year the college will have completed accreditation activities required to achieve full accreditation.

Upon achieving full accreditation the ESFCOM will be placed on a schedule to update self-studies, student evaluations and documentation to assess accreditation status.

Student participation will become an integral part of the institutions’ self-study process. During the first year student leaders and volunteers will be asked to conduct an Independent Student Analysis. This evaluation will provide vital information on how the college is serving its students.

Any students interested in participating should contact the Office of Accreditation: Chelsea Fogle, Project Coordinator, Office of Accreditation,, 509-368-6702.