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Student Handbook

Awards and Honor Society

The ESFCOM honors excellence in students with the following awards and recognitions:

  1. Graduation with Honors
  2. Membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society
  3. Membership in the Gold Humanism Honor Society
  4. College awards for senior students at time of graduation

Procedure for Selecting Students for Graduation with Honors

  • Academic excellence
  • Outstanding professionalism
  • Significant research (publication, presentation at professional meeting or presentation at ESFCOM Scientific Session)

Selection of students is at the discretion of Student Evaluation, Promotion, and Award Committee. As a general rule, only 10% of the graduating class will receive this distinction. Those selected will come from the top quartile of the graduating class.

Procedure for Election to Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Society
Note: ESFCOM cannot have a chartered AOA Chapter until full LCME accreditation is achieved.

  • Election occurs in the early Fall of the student’s fourth year.
  • Curriculum vitae of the top quartile of students who have just completed the third year are distributed to the AOA Selection Committee.
  • The AOA Selection Committee is composed of faculty and residents who are AOA members.
  • In deciding, Honors in the clerkship year is a must and then other factors are considered: leadership, professionalism, and commitment to service.
  • The number elected cannot exceed more than 1/6 the graduating class.

Procedure for Selection to the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS)
Note: ESFCOM must first establish a GHHS chapter first to be eligible.

Senior medical students will be recognized for these attributes:

  • modeling and encouraging humanism and professionalism
  • promoting a vision of balance between science and humanism
  • inspiring colleagues to promote humanism
  • advocating for humanism
  • nurturing fellowship

The election process is based upon recommendations from third year student peers and an ad hoc GHHS Selection Committee created by the SEPAC. Members of the ad hoc committee can be chosen from faculty, residents, nurses, clinic staff, medical school staff or administrators. As a general rule, not more than 10% of the class will receive this award.

Procedure for Selection of Specific College Awards
Note: Specific College Awards are not established yet and procedures are drafts until awards are finalized.

The following areas of potential recognition:

  • outstanding potental for teaching
  • outstanding potential for research
  • outstanding community service
  • outstanding extracurricular achievements

Nominees and awardees meet the criteria stipulated for each award. Selection of students is at the discretion of SEPAC. Not all awards will necessarily be given each year.

Procedure for Selection of Specialty Honors
Educational Directors will nominate senior medical students to receive a specialty-specific award such as “Best student in [Name of Specialty] Award. The nominations will be sent to SEPAC. Selection of students is at the discretion of SEPAC. Not all awards will necessarily be given each year.