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Student Handbook

Information on Marijuana Usage and Recommendation

While we are finalizing the ESFCOM policy, we want to provide additional information and recommendation about marijuana usage:

  • Regardless of state law, WSU policy prohibits the production, distribution, possession and use of marijuana on university property or during university sponsored activities.
  • It is still a federal crime to possess or use even small amounts of marijuana.
  • Medical students should be cognizant of how health care facilities will be handling positive THC results on drug screening. For medical students training or shadowing in health care facilities, many already require drug screening, including THC, as a prerequisite for participation in a clerkship or clinical elective. Medical students are required to complete several clinical experiences in order to graduate and positive THC tests may prohibit students from completing these experiences due to health care facility policies. Thus, medical students may face negative consequences for a positive THC screen, including the inability to complete a degree.