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Student Handbook

WSU College of Medicine Student Assessment Plan

Grading Policy is available here.

Timing for Submission of Grades Policy is available here.

Assessment of Medical Student Performance policy is available here.

The WSU College of Medicine programmatic assessment plan has been designed to provide students and the program with a comprehensive and holistic picture of student progress. The assessment tools, methods and processes have been planned, arranged and coordinated to ensure that students receive feedback about their learning through frequent formative assessments (required and optional assessments that a student uses to inform their own learning but do not count toward end of course grades) and appropriately timed summative assessments (assessments that count toward end of course grades).

All assessments will provide students with feedback about progression through the program and performance in the context of the identified yearly milestones.

For more information about the Medical Student Assessment Plan, please see your Assessment Package on EFlo MD under Assessment Resources, or contact