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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

HPA – Course Work

MHPA Course Work

HPA 500Introduction to the Health Care System31Fall2017
HPA 510Health Care Cost Accounting31Fall2017
HPA 515Health Care Management31Fall2017
HPA 519Heath Care Epidemiology and Biostatistics31Fall2017
Total Semester Credits13
HPA 502Health Care Law32Spring2018
HPA 511Health Care Finance32Spring2018
HPA 570Marketing for Health Care Organizations32Spring2018
HPA 599-01Lean/Six Sigma and Quality Improvement - (Elective)32Spring2018
HPA 599-03Professional Skills Development12Spring2018
Total Semester Credits10-13
HPA 597Internship3Summer2018
Total Semester Credits3
HPA 501Health Care Policy and Politics3Fall2018
HPA 509Health Care Economics3Fall2018
HPA 517Health Care Human Resources Management3Fall2018
HPA 520Research and Evaluation Methods3Fall20168
HPA 580Aging and Disability Policy - (Elective)3Fall2018
Total Semester Credits12-15
HPA 530Health Care Information Systems3Spring2019
HPA 590Strategic Management and Marketing3Spring2019
HPA 550Operations Management - (Elective)3Spring2019
HPA 702Non-thesis Master's Graduate Project6Spring2019

Course Descriptions

HPA 500 – Introduction to the Health Care System (3 credits)
Orientation to delivery, financing, and organization of the healthcare system.

HPA 501 – Health Care Policy and Politics (3 credits)
History, methods, results, and evaluation of healthcare policy and politics.

HPA 502 – Law and Ethics of Health Management (3 credits)
Private health law and ethics, including professional liability, relationship of physician and patient, malpractice reform, health institutions, and health access.

HPA 509 – Health Care Economics (3 credits)
Allocating, financing, and delivering medical care services. Effective fall 2013 semester, there is no formal prerequisite for this course; however, a refresher of the microeconomic concepts is recommended for all students by review of a text such as N. Gregory Mankiw’s Principles of Microeconomics 6th Edition.

HPA 510 – Health Care Cost Accounting (3 credits)
Basic cost accounting concepts, principles, and applications in the healthcare setting. Effective fall 2013 semester, there is no formal prerequisite for this course; however, for those who want to prepare for the course, Anthony, R.N. and Pearlman Breitner, L., Essentials of Accounting 10th Edition, Pearson, 2003 is a useful self-study guide. This text is used with executive groups nationwide and has been for decades.

HPA 511 – Health Care Finance (3 credits)
Aspects of healthcare financial management fundamentals and managerial accounting for strategic financial management.

HPA 515 – Health Care Management (3 credits)
Introduction to the knowledge, skills, and values associated with the practice of health management.

HPA 517 – Health Care Human Resources Management (3 credits)
Application of human resource management principles (e.g., recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, compensation, benefits, retention, and termination) in healthcare.

HPA 519 – Healthcare Epidemiology and Biostatistics (3 credits)
Introduction to epidemiology: principles and methods of epidemiologic investigation including analysis of key elements of investigation of high risk populations.

HPA 520 – Research and Evaluation Methods (3 credits)
Basic research and evaluation methods for healthcare professionals. Prerequisite: statistics or HPA 519

HPA 530 – Health Care Information Systems (3 credits)
Key attributes of healthcare information systems and their evolution in the healthcare environment.

HPA 550 – Operations Management (3 credits)
Commonly used concepts and tools for managing operations and producing value for customers.

HPA 570 – Marketing for Health Care Organization (3 credits)
Basic marketing concepts, principles, and issues related to marketing public and private healthcare.

HPA 580 – Aging and Disability Policy (3 credits)
An examination of the policies and programs developed for older adults and persons with disabilities.

HPA 590 – Strategic Management and Marketing (3 credits)
Key components and processes in strategic planning. Prerequisite: HPA 511, 515

HPA 597 – Internship (3 credits)
Student experience in professional work settings. S, F grading.

HPA 599 – 01 – Lean/Six Sigma & Quality Improvement (3 credits)
An introduction to concepts and tools for quality improvement through Lean/Six Sigma.

HPA 599-02 – Professional Skills Development (1 credit)
Hands-on training of business standards, norms, and etiquette for interviews, resumes, presentations, and other professional communication skills.

HPA 600 – Special Projects or Independent Study (3 credits)
Must be arranged with advisor.

HPA 702 – Master’s Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examination (6 credits)
S, F grading.