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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

NEP Facilities

NEP Studio


The studio is located in SHER 334 and consists of approximately 900 sq ft of Ecore Bounce 2 flooring. Various pieces of exercise equipment are used to conduct group exercise classes for instructional and research purposes:

  • Steps with risers
  • Yoga and stretching mats
  • Stability balls
  • Bosu balls and balance trainers
  • Resistance bands (various resistance)
  • 32 in Samsung TV with XBOX 360 Kinect

Body Comp Lab

Exercise Physiology and Body Composition Instruction Laboratory

The instructional lab is in SHER 301 and consists of 900 sq ft of space with equipment used in NEP laboratory based courses. The lab features:

  • ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 metabolic cart with clinical research grade treadmill and integrated CardioCard ECG software
  • Vmax Vyntus CPX with exercise flow volume loop, integrated ECG software, and Jaeger clinical grade treadmill
  • iWorks portable metabolic carts
  • Mac 1200 resting ECG device
  • VIAsprint 150P cycle ergometer
  • Monark cycle ergometers
  • Jaeger upper body ergometer
  • Exercise steps with risers
  • Sit and Reach boxes
  • Resusci Anne automated CPR manikin
  • Patient examination tables
  • Physician scales with stadiometers
  • Vital monitors (e.g. Polar heart rate monitors, Nonin pulse oximeters)
  • Body composition measurement devices (skin fold calipers, BIA, waist circumference tapes)

Conditioning Room

Conditioning Room

The approximately 1,040 sq ft conditioning room is located in SHER 328 and consists of various pieces of exercise equipment used to conduct aerobic and resistance training for instructional and research purposes:

  • Apollo 5 series 4 station cable stack machine
  • Apollo 7300 cable stack machine
  • Smith Machine with plate weights (5lb-45lb)
  • Squat rack with 35lb & 45lb Olympic bars and plate weights (5lb-45lb)
  • 6-pack cable cross trainer
  • The Human Trainer suspension gym
  • Free-weight equipment:
    • Kettlebells (5lb – 45lb)
    • Dumbbells (1lb – 45lb)
    • Body Bars (2lb – 16lb)
  • Wall mounted resistance bands
  • Commercial grade treadmills and elipticals
  • Schwinn AirDyne exercise bike

Exercise Physiology and Body Composition Research Laboratory
 (Photo coming soon)

The research lab is adjacent to the instructional lab in SHER 350 and consists of 920 sq ft of space with equipment dedicated for research. We are acquiring new equipment to outfit this laboratory. However, the following pieces are currently available:

  • ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 metabolic cart with integrated Quinton Q-Stress ECG and clinical research grade treadmill
  • Ergoline Ergoselect 100 cycle ergometer
  • COSMED K4B2 portable metabolic analyzer
  • Suntech Tango M2 automated blood pressure cuff
  • Tanita SC-200 BIA scales
  • Monark cycle ergometers
  • Exercise steps with risers
  • Sit and Reach boxes

Research Kitchen and Clinical Space (Photo coming soon)

The NEP Research and Teaching Kitchen in HSB 338 is 800 sq. ft. Several recent updates and upgrades have been undertaken to refurbish this space. Featuring top of the line Miele appliances utilizing the efficiency and practicality of induction cooktops, combination steam and convection ovens, as well as four 15 sq. ft. mobile stainless steel work tables, this space provides flexibility for use as a meal preparation space, feeding space, and teaching space. The NEP 340 ‘Foods with Application to Physical Activity’ course is taught every fall semester and serves as an important pre-requisite to the MS CPD NEP professional program.

An adjacent 315 sq. ft. office provides a private examination area for patient interviews and assessments of dietary intake and body composition, as well as a reclining phlebotomy chair and standard phlebotomy chair for specimen collection.

Complementary clinical space (approximately 900 sq. ft.) in SHER 344 and 346 is currently being renovated to provide private examination areas for patient interviews, assessments of dietary intake and body composition, and specimen collection, processing, and storage. Currently there are five workstations with a central printer, each containing the following software: VHI PC-kits, Dietech, Nutrition Care Manual, Food Processor and SPSS. This space will also include a walled off section for well-controlled resting metabolic rate assessments, outfitted with a ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 metabolic cart with canopy system.