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Faculty and Staff Directory

Christine Muheim , PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate
Department of Translational Medicine and Physiology


  • University of Zurich, MSc in Human Biology
  • University of Zurich, PhD in Neurosciences

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on the connection between sleep and synaptic plasticity. By combining imaging techniques with molecular and behavioral approaches, I study what happens in sleep after a learning stimulus.

Published Research

  • Muheim C.M., Spinnler A., Sartorius T., Dürr R., Huber R., Kabagema C., Ruth P., Brown S.A. (2019). Dynamic and frequency-specific regulation of sleep oscillations by cortical potassium channels. Current Biology 29(18), 2983-2992.
  • Miladinovic D., Muheim C., Bauer S., Spinnler A., Noain D., Bandarabadi M., Galluser B., Krummenacher G., Baumann C., Adamantidis A., Brown S.A., Buhmann J. (2019). SPINDLE: End-to-end learning from EEG/EMG to extrapolate animal sleep scoring across experimental settings, labs and species. PLOS Computational Biology 15(4): 1006968.
  • Muheim C. and Brown S.A. (2013). Adenosine and Other Purinergic Products in Circadian Timing, In Adenosine; A Key Link between Metabolism and Brain Activity (pp, 213-232). Springer New York.
  • Kowalska, E., Ripperger, J.R. A., Muheim, C., Maier, B., Kurihara, Y., Fox, A.H., Kramer, A., and Brown, S.A. (2012). Distinct Roles of DBHS Family Members in the Circadian Transcriptional Feedback Loop. Molecular and Cellular Biology 32, 4585-4594.
  • Haas, C., Muheim, C., Kratzer, A., Bär, W., and Maake, C. (2009). mRNA profiling for the identification of sperm and seminal plasma. Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series 2, 534-534.

Christine Muheim
Christine Muheim , PhD
Post Doctoral Research Associate