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Faculty and Staff Directory

Christine Muheim , Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Research Associate


  • University of Zurich, MSc. in Human Biology
  • University of Zurich, Ph.D in Neurosciences

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on the connection between sleep and synaptic plasticity. By combining imaging techniques with molecular and behavioral approaches, I study what happens in sleep after a learning stimulus.

Published Research

  1. Muheim C.M., Spinnler A., Sartorius T., Dürr R., Huber R., Kabagema C., Ruth P., Brown S.A. (2019). Dynamic and frequency-specific regulation of sleep oscillations by cortical potassium channels. Current Biology 29(18), 2983-2992.
  2. Miladinovic D., Muheim C., Bauer S., Spinnler A., Noain D., Bandarabadi M., Galluser B., Krummenacher G., Baumann C., Adamantidis A., Brown S.A., Buhmann J. (2019). SPINDLE: End-to-end learning from EEG/EMG to extrapolate animal sleep scoring across experimental settings, labs and species. PLOS Computational Biology 15(4): 1006968.
  3. Muheim C. and Brown S.A. (2013). Adenosine and Other Purinergic Products in Circadian Timing, In Adenosine; A Key Link between Metabolism and Brain Activity (pp, 213-232). Springer New York.
  4. Kowalska, E., Ripperger, J.R. A., Muheim, C., Maier, B., Kurihara, Y., Fox, A.H., Kramer, A., and Brown, S.A. (2012). Distinct Roles of DBHS Family Members in the Circadian Transcriptional Feedback Loop. Molecular and Cellular Biology 32, 4585-4594.
  5. Haas, C., Muheim, C., Kratzer, A., Bär, W., and Maake, C. (2009). mRNA profiling for the identification of sperm and seminal plasma. Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series 2, 534-534.

Christine Muheim
Christine Muheim , Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Research Associate