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Faculty and Staff Directory

Elizabeth Wood, MHPA, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Community and Behavioral Health


  • Reed College, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Washington State University, Master of Health Policy and Administration
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Doctor of Philosophy in Health Policy and Management

Past Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, Washington State University July 2018 – July 2021
  • Research Scientist, Collaborative on Health Reform & Independent Living Oct 2015 – June 2018
  • Teaching Fellow, University of North Carolina May 2012 – June 2014 and January 2015 – May 2015
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, University of North Carolina August 2010 – April 2012
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Washington State University August 2008 – August 2010
  • Program Coordinator, Area Health Education Center of Eastern Washington October 2006 – August 2008

Selected Research

Burns, M., Dague, L., Wood, E., & Kennedy, J. The effects of Medicaid expansions from 2001-2015 on Supplemental Security Income program participation among childless adults. The Journal of Disability Policy Studies. (Forthcoming in 2022.)

Kennedy, J. J. & Wood, E. G. (2020). Disability-Based Disparities among Noninstitutionalized Working-Age Adults in the US: Evidence from the 2018 National Health Interview Surveys. Spokane, WA: Collaborative on Health Reform and Independent Living.

Kennedy, J. J. & Wood, E. G. (2018). “Disability and health insurance.” In Heller, T., Parker-Harris, S., Gill, C., & Gould, R. (Eds.), Disability in American Life: An Encyclopedia of Concepts, Policies and Controversies, pp. 339-345. ABS-CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA.

Kennedy, J., Wood, E. G., & Frieden, L. (2017). Disparities in insurance coverage, health services use, and access following implementation of the Affordable Care Act: A comparison of disabled and nondisabled working-age adults. Inquiry, 54, p. 1-10.

Gimm, G., Wood, E., & Zanwar, P. (2017). Access to preventive services for working-age adults with disabilities. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 98(12), 2442-2448.

Kennedy, J., & Wood, E. G. (2016). Medication costs and adherence of treatment before and after the Affordable Care Act: 1999-2015. American Journal of Public Health, 106(10), 1804-1807.

Gimm, G., Blodgett, E., & Zanwar, P. (2015). Examining access to care for younger vs. older dual-eligible adults living in the community. Disability and Health, 9(3), 431-438.

Kennedy, J., Blodgett, E., & Gimm, G. (2013). Return to work: A critical aspect of care coordination for younger dual eligibles. Disability and Health Journal, 6(2), 95-99.

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Kennedy, J., Tien, Y., Cohen, L. J., Sclar, D. A., Liu, D., Blodgett, E. G., & Engle, J. (2009). The association between type of antipsychotic and rates of hospitalization among Medicare beneficiaries. Clinical Therapeutics, 31(12), 2931-2939.

Elizabeth Wood
Elizabeth Wood, MHPA, PhD
Assistant Professor