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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Faculty and Staff Directory

ESFCOM Committees

College Executive Cabinet

The College Executive Cabinet is composed of the Dean, the Vice, Associate, and Assistant Deans, the Chair of each Academic Department, others in designated administrative and committee positions, the Chair of the Faculty Council and an ESFCOM Student Representative. The Cabinet shall be the executive advisory body to the Dean in all matters pertaining to ESFCOM affairs.

Admissions Committee

This committee, in concert with the Dean, establishes the criteria and procedures for the admission of medical students based upon the mission of ESFCOM.

Radha Nandagopal
Committee Chair

Chris Booker Sarwine
Committee Administrator

Curriculum Committee

This committee has full and centralized responsibility and authority to design, manage and oversee the curriculum as required for accreditation.

Matt Layton
Committee Chair

Laura East-Pease
Committee Administrator

Equity Committee

This committee advises the Dean on policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion in the ESFCOM, including identifying underrepresented and underserved populations and developing initiatives to facilitate an environment conducive to diversity and inclusion.

Christopher Davis
Committee Chair

Diane Sandquist-Hammond
Committee Administrator

Faculty Council Executive Committee

This committee serves as a liaison between the Faculty and administration, including the Dean, Vice Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans, and the Dean’s College Executive Cabinet.

Nancy Potter
Committee Chair

Jessica Gerdes
Committee Administrator

Faculty Rank, Promotion & Tenure Committee

This committee considers rank and promotions to faculty rank as well as recommendations for tenure, as described in the committee’s policies and procedures.

Michael McDonell
Committee Chair

Jessica Gerdes
Committee Administrator

Scholarship Committee

This committee establishes criteria and procedures for the awarding of ESFCOM-directed scholarships to undergraduate, graduate, bridge, and medical students.

Daniel Teraguchi
Committee Chair

Michelle Sanchez
Committee Administrator

Student Evaluation, Promotion & Awards Committee

This committee makes recommendations regarding the standards and procedures for student evaluation, advancement, graduation, and disciplinary action.

George Novan
Committee Chair

Phillip Boal
Committee Administrator