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Faculty and Staff Directory


Clinical Assistant Professor


Postdoctoral training in Brain Imaging & Spectroscopy, University of Washington
Postdoctoral training in Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.D. in Toxicology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.A. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Psychology, University of Rochester


Dr. Padowski’s main research area is pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling of CNS drug disposition, including noncompartmental and compartmental modeling, as well as simulation of different types of pharmacokinetic systems to explore system behavior. Other areas of research include nasal drug delivery for brain-targeted therapeutics, and magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy-based analysis of neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s disease, with a focus on the role of the antioxidant glutathione in neurodegeneration.


Instructor of record, Pharmacokinetics, WSU College of Pharmacy
Instructor of record, Integrated Pharmacology I, WSU College of Pharmacy
Thread director, Pharmacology, (under development), WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Selected Publications

  • Gufford, BT, Ainslie GR, White JR Jr, Layton ME, Padowski JM, Pollack GM, Paine MF. Comparison of a new intranasal naloxone formulation to intramuscular naloxone: results from hypothesis-generating small clinical studies. Clin Transl Sci. 2017 May 15. PMID 2850448
  • Mischley, LK, Lau RC, Shankland EG, Wilbur TK, Padowski JM. Phase IIb study of intranasal glutathione in Parkinson’s disease. J Parkinsons Dis. 2017;7(2):289-299. PMID 28436395
  • Mischley, L.K., Standish, L.J., Weiss, N.S., Padowski, J.M., Kavanagh, T.J., White, C.C., Rosenfeld, M.E. Glutathione as a biomarker in Parkinson’s disease: associations with aging and disease severity. Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2016; 2016:9409363. Epub 2016 July. PMID: 27446510
  • White, JR, Padowski, JM, Zhong, Y, Chen, G, Lazarus, P, Layton, ME, McPherson, S. Pharmacokinetic analysis and comparison of caffeine administered rapidly or slowly in coffee chilled or hot vs. chilled energy drink in healthy young adults. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2016 Apr;54(4):308-12. PMID: 27100333
  • Mischley, LM, Shankland, EG, Conley, KE, Kavanagh, T, Rosenfeld, M, Duda, J, White, C, Wilbur, T, DeLaTorre, P, and Padowski, JM. Central nervous system uptake of intranasal glutathione in Parkinson’s disease.  NPJ Parkinson’s Disease. 2016 Feb; 2:1-6.
  • Padowski JM, Weaver KE, Richards TL, Laurino MY, Samii A, Aylward EH, Conley KE. Neurochemical correlates of caudate atrophy in Huntington’s disease. Mov Disord. 2014 Mar;29 Suppl 3:327-35. PMID:24442623
  • Padowski, JM and Pollack, GM. Influence of enterohepatic recycling on the time course of brain-to-blood partitioning of valproic acid in rats.  Drug Metab Dispos. 2012 Sep;40(9):1846-53. PMID: 22715475.
  • Padowski, JM and Pollack, GM. The influence of distributional kinetics into a peripheral compartment on the pharmacokinetics of substrate partitioning between blood and brain tissue. J Pharmacokinet Pharmacodyn. 2011;38(6):743-67. PMID: 21983688.
  • Padowski, JM and Pollack, GM. Influence of time to achieve substrate distribution equilibrium between brain tissue and blood on quantitation of the blood-brain barrier P-glycoprotein effect.  Brain Res. 2011;1426:1-17.  PMID: 22036081.
  • Padowski, JM and Pollack, GM. Examination of the ability of the nasal administration route to confer a brain exposure advantage for three chemical inhibitors of P-glycoprotein. J Pharm Sci. 2010;99(7):3226-33. PMID: 20127824

Clinical Assistant Professor