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Faculty and Staff Directory

Jonny Salud, MD, MPH

Assistant Program Director, Outpatient Medicine
Internal Medicine Residency Program — Everett


Florida State University College of Medicine
Residency: Emory University


What inspired you to pursue medicine?
I am fortunate to be surrounded by many doctors in my family, all of whom have been supportive as I pursued opportunities performing and recording music. It was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while living in New Orleans that I was shaken to the core in such a way that I committed to a career in medicine. I learned quickly that the arduous and complicated rebuilding effort went beyond putting physical structures together. During my volunteer efforts and even while participating in the live music scene, I came to realize the integral role that medicine and public health played in putting one’s life back together, across all walks of life. That awakening still inspires me to this day, as we continue to face disparities in social determinants of health and access to quality health care nationwide.

What are your passions and hobbies outside of work?
Spending time with my wife and daughter, playing music, hiking/trail running, and I’ve lately become obsessed with film photography.

What would you do if you hadn’t pursued medicine?
I would maybe be a studio session musician or film score composer.


Jonny Salud
Jonny Salud, MD, MPH
Assistant Program Director, Outpatient Medicine