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Faculty and Staff Directory


Clinical Education Director, Mind, Brain and Behavior and Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Spokane Campus

Medical Director

College of Nursing Program of Excellence in Addictions Research
Spokane Regional Health District Opioid Treatment Program


M.D., University of Kansas
Ph.D. in pharmacology, University of Kansas


Dr. Matt Layton teaches the resident doctors in the Psychiatry Residency Spokane at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. He also works with third-year medical students in their six-week psychiatry clerkships.

He is involved in training rural primary care doctors, physician assistants and nurses to work with patients who have psychiatric disorders and drug addictions.

Layton also teaches dental students participating in the RIDE program.


Dr. Layton is the physician of record and co-investigator in the WSU Sleep and Performance Research Center. His current research focuses on the psychological and physiological changes in smokers during the first few days after they quit smoking. He’s also involved in collaborative efforts in other addictions and pain.

Research funding (active):

U10DA013714 NIDA (Donovan & Roll): 2010-2015
National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network: Pacific Northwest Node
The major goal of this project is to conduct studies of the therapeutic effect of behavioral, pharmacological and combined/integrated treatment interventions.
Role: Co-Investigator

DOD, Office of Naval Research # N000141310302 (Van Dongen, H): 2012-2015
Enabling the Identification of Biomarkers for Individual Susceptibility to Fatigue: Scaling Up from Attentional Processes to Operational Performance
Role: Co-Investigator and Physician of Record

Washington State Attorney General’s Office (Kennedy, J- PI): 2013-2015
The Antipsychotic Atlas: Medicare Usage of Antipsychotic Medications in Washington State
Role: Co-Investigator

American Beverage Association (White, J): 2014-2015
Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Caffeine (160 mg) Administered Rapidly Via Chilled Coffee or Chilled ED or Slowly Via Hot Coffee or Chilled Coffee or ED
Role: Co-Investigator

Research funding (past):

Grant, D (PI): 5/28/2013 – 7/31/2014
ONR STTR Phase 2 Base Period: Validation Study, Pulsar Informatics, Prime Award # N00014-13-C-0063 (DOD-Navy flow through to Pulsar) (Co-Investigator and Physician of Record)

Van Dongen, H (PI): 9/30/2013 – 9/29/2014
Sleep Assessment Operations Research. DOD, Navy, Naval Postgraduate School, award # N6227113M1228 (Co-Investigator and Physician of Record)

Roll (PI): 2008 – 2013
Department of Justice (COPS)
Establishing a Program of Excellence in the Addictions
The major goal of this project was to develop a self sustaining program that builds on the initial $500,000 investment to foster studies of substance abuse issues which directly impact community members
Role: Medical Director

Roll (PI): 2009 – 2013
Life Sciences Discovery Fund
Program of Excellence in Rural Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment
The major goal of this project was to develop a center focused on examining evidence-based care for mental health and substance use concerns in rural areas.
Role: Leadership Team/Co-Investigator

Bender (PI): 8/2013 –12/2013
Objective Markers of Sleep Disturbance as Predictors of Smoking Relapse
OFF OF RESEARCH—WSU, award # WSU002610 (Faculty PI for Graduate Student and Physician of Record)

Layton (PI): 08/01/10-7/31/11
Neuroactive Steroid Hormones in Smoking Cessation
Washington State University – Spokane Seed Grant $6,125

Layton (PI): 08/01/10-7/31/11
Neuroactive Steroid Hormones in Methamphetamine and Cocaine Dependence Washington State University – Spokane Program of Excellence in the Addictions Seed Grant $6,125

Layton (PI): 1997-2000
Magnetic Resonance High-Resolution and Spectroscopic Imaging in Early-Onset Schizophrenia National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD) Young Investigator Award $60,000

Additional Information

Layton is a psychiatrist and is currently chair of the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine curriculum committee. He works to incorporate lessons about human behavior into a heavily science-based, first-year medical school curriculum. He helps prospective doctors understand how the way people behave affects their health. He is also the medical director for the WSU College of Nursing’s Program of Excellence in the Addictions.

Layton is a Kansas native who directed Spokane Mental Health for eight years. Since coming to WSU Spokane in the fall of 2008, he has won ‘Outstanding Faculty’ awards given by the UW physician assistant program, first-year Spokane medical students, and was named preceptor of the year for the Family Medicine Spokane Residency Program.

Clinical Education Director, Mind, Brain and Behavior
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, Spokane Campus

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