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Faculty and Staff Directory

Oladunni Oluwoye, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Oluwoye is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences. Prior to joining DMECS she completed her postdoctoral training in the WSU Institute for Research and Education to Advance Community Health. She is a faculty member in Behavioral Health Innovations and Co-Director of the Washington State Center for Excellence in Early Psychosis, a collaboration between faculty at the University of Washington and WSU.

Dr. Oluwoye’s research interests have focused on increasing racial health equity in addiction and mental health treatment, with an emphasis on improving access to treatment and treatment delivery in community-based settings. Her work primarily focuses on improving the pathway to mental health services for racial and ethnic minority families and improving early intervention programs for psychosis, which include coordinated speciality care. Dr. Oluwoye’s research emphasizes the use cultural sensitive tools and developing and evaluating implementation strategies. One of her most recent projects, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (K01MH117457), seeks to improve family engagement in coordinated speciality care programs for first-episode psychosis.

Dr. Oluwoye is a certified health education specialist and has extensive experience in the prevention of substance use among racial and ethnic minorities, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, mixed-methodology, and program development and evaluation.


  • Ph.D. in Health Education, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL
  • B.S. in Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

Postgraduate Training

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Initiative for Research and Education to Advance Community Health (IREACH), Washington State University, Spokane, WA


For the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine she facilitates Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) components for 1st year medical students and is a member of the Scholarly Projects Committee.


  • 2019 University of California, San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry LEAD Scholar
  • 2018 Mechanism of Behavior Change Travel Award, Research Society on Alcoholism
  • 2017 Health Disparities Research Institute Scholar, National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities
  • 2017 Judge Travel Award, Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students
  • 2016 21st Century Scholar, Society of Public Health Educators
  • 2016 Exemplary Scholarship Award in Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Cincinnati
  • 2014 University Graduate Award, Health Promotion and Education Program, University of Cincinnati

Selected Research

Oluwoye O, Kriegel L, Alcover KC, McPherson S, McDonell MG, Roll JM. The dissemination and implementation of contingency management for substance use disorders: A systematic review. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. 2019. PMID:31259569.

Alcover KC, Oluwoye O, Kriegel L, McPherson S, McDonell MG. Impact of first episode psychosis treatment on heavy cannabis use: Secondary analysis on RAISE-ETP study. Schizophrenia Research. 2019; 211: 86-87. PMID: 31378555

Oluwoye O, Monroe-DeVita M, Burduli E, Chwastiak L, McPherson S, McClellan JM, McDonell MG.  The impact of tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis use in patients with first episode psychosis: Data from the national RAISE-ETP study. Early Intervention in Psychiatry. 2019; 13(1), 142-146. PMID: 29356438.

Oluwoye O, Stiles B, Monroe-DeVita M, Chwastiak L, McClellan JM, Dyck D, Cabassa LJ, McDonell MG. Racial differences in first-episode psychosis treatment outcomes from the RAISE-ETP study. Psychiatric Services. 2018; 69(11), 1138-1145.

Merianos AL, Swoboda C, Oluwoye OA, Unger J, Gilreath T. Depression and alcohol use in a national sample of Hispanic adolescents. Substance Use and Misuse. 2018; 53(5): 716-723.

McPherson S, Orr M, Lederhos C, McDonell M, Leickly E, Hirchak K, Oluwoye OA, Murphy S, Layton M, Roll J. Decreases in non-targeted smoking during treatment for methamphetamine use disorders: Preliminary evidence. Journal of Behavioral Pharmacology. 2018; 29(4), 370-374. PMID: 29035917. PMCID: PMC5899059.

Wilson M, Gogulsk HYi, Cuttler C, Bigand TL, Oluwoye O, Barbosa-Leiker C, Roberts MA. Cannabis use moderates the relationship between pain and negative affect in adults with opioid use disorder. Addictive Behaviours. 2018; 77: 225-231

Oluwoye O, Hirchak K, Leickly E, Skalisky J, McPherson S, Srebnik D, Roll JM, Ries RK, McDonell MG. Interaction between pre-treatment drug use and heterogeneity of psychiatric diagnosis predicts outcomes in outpatients with co-occurring disorders. Psychiatry Research. 2018; 260: 233-235. PMID:29220679. PMCID: PMC5975078.

Oluwoye OA, Whembolua G, Merianos AL. Extending the reach: The influence of social media and culture on substance use among African and African American males. Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men. 2017; 6(1): 59-75.

Oluwoye OA, Nabors LA, Merianos AL, Vidourek RA. Nonmedical use of prescription drugs: Perceptions of minority college students. Journal of Behavioral Health. 2017; 6(4):163-169.