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Faculty and Staff Directory


Part of our culture is valuing the individual, and we achieve that by honoring exceptional work in building communities, research, innovation and interprofessional education. The annual Awards & Recognition event recognizes our team’s accomplishments and individual achievements.

2017-2018 Awards & Recognition

Above & Beyond the Call of Duty:

  • Bryony Stokes
  • Natalie Benson
  • Cori Kogan
  • Sean Girard
  • Tina Bright

Outstanding Contribution to Curriculum Development & Educational Scholarship:

  • Phillip C. Boal, MA
  • Patricia Butterfield, PhD, RN
  • Dave Conley, PhD
  • Dawn Cooper, PhD
  • Dawn DePriest, DNP, FNP-C
  • Laura East-Pease, MED
  • Patricia Grossman, MSN, FNP-C
  • Jeff Haney, MD
  • Carl Heine, MD, PhD
  • Josh Jacobs, MD
  • Bill Kabasenche, PhD
  • Matt Layton, MD, PhD
  • Radha Nandagopal, MD, FAAP
  • George Novan, MD
  • Jeannie Padowski, PhD
  • Santiago Toro-Posada, MBBS
  • Jonathan Wisor, PhD

Outstanding Contribution to Project and Community Development:

  • Patricia Grossman, MSN, FNP-C

Outstanding Contribution to Research and Community Development:

  • Jingru Sun, PhD

The Founding Dean’s Award for Contribution to the ESFCOM Culture:

  • Dian Sandquist-Hammond
  • Steven Grossman, MD

Honoring a Key Supporting Role

  • Jacki Dunn Hudec
  • Linda Gallup
  • Nick Dunn