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Stevens County Mentorship Program

The Stevens County Mentorship Program is a Career Awareness and Exploration Program focused on careers in health sciences.

In alignment with WSU’s land-grant mission, the Stevens County Mentorship Program creates career-connected learning opportunities with the aim to cultivate health career awareness and connections for middle and high school youth.

Our program is designed to help students and their families understand community health needs, health care career options, and the skills and knowledge they need to reach their goals.

Partnering with Stevens County

We partner with community leaders in Stevens County such as WSU Extension, health professionals and schools as well as WSU Health Sciences Spokane to engage and mentor 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students from Chewelah, Valley, Mary Walker and Wellpinit school districts.

A foundational tenet for the program is, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” Modeling health careers and delivering fun hands-on STEM engagements encourages youth to explore their interests and potential futures in the health sciences career field. Further, it builds community and support structures necessary for success. In the Stevens County Mentorship Program, success translates to every student being more aware of their passions and being equipped with the tools to go as far as they want.

Mentoring Students

We provide mentoring and interprofessional learning experiences centered around the health sciences to junior high school students. Mentors, known as Health Career Navigators, play an essential role in engaging Stevens County youth.

The mentoring model consists of exposure to the full spectrum of health care careers while also focusing on intentional development of students’ personal attributes. Additionally, families, teachers and community health care members will serve as active participants of the program and mentorship experience so that each student is supported in their potential career track by an invested team.

The Stevens County Program uses a hybrid model combining the following mentorship models:

  • Community and school-based mentoring
  • In-person and e-mentoring
  • Small group and one-on-one mentoring

Together, the components of this program will serve to increase the number of students from Stevens County that are ready to move forward in health science careers and to succeed in our Washington economy



Native American Health Sciences

WSU Health Sciences Spokane


Stevens County WSU Extension and 4H Director

Superintendents and Principals from school districts plus ESD101 Superintendent

Greater Spokane Incorporated

Providence Mt. Carmel

NEW Health

David C. Wynecoop Memorial Clinic


Thank you to our funders

Eastern WA University Area Health Education Center

Discuren Foundation

Hagan Foundation

Washington State Employment Security Department: Career Connect Washington

Stubblefield Foundation


To get involved please contact:

Upcoming Events

Stevens County Mentorship Capstone Celebration

You are invited to join students and families from Wellpinit, Chewelah and Springdale in the 9th grade Foundations of Healthcare Professions and Practice Capstone Showcase.

This event is a celebration of youth engaging in their community and designing solutions to healthcare barriers.

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