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Private: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Postbaccalaureate Course Descriptions

SHS 371 Language Development (3 credits)
Normal development of the cognitive, linguistic, and pragmatic components of language; introduction to language disorders in children.

SHS 372 Hearing and Hearing Disorders (3 credits)
Acoustic and psychophysiologic aspects of normal hearing; the nature and consequences of hearing disorders.

SHS 375 Phonetics (3 credits)
Description and classification of American English speech sounds; practice using the International Phonetic Alphabet to transcribe normal and disordered speech sounds.

SHS 376 Speech Sound Disorders (3 credits)
Clinical phonetics and transcription; evaluation and treatment of atriculatory disorders; delayed phonological acquisition; dysarthria; and dyspraxia.

SHS 377 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Production (3 credits)
Anatomical and physiological basis of speech production and the pathologies and aberrations that require the services of a communication disorders specialist.

SHS 378 Speech & Hearing Sciences (3 credits)
Basis of acoustics, acoustic phonetics, psychoacoustics, and speech perception, and instrumentation for measurement of related phenomena.

SHS 461 Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (2 credits)
Pre-practicum preparation; observation of and assisting in therapy; state laws; clinical methods.

SHS 472 Audiometry (3 credits)
Prereq 372. Principles and procedures in basic identification and assessment of hearing impairment; introduction to differential diagnosis of auditory pathologies.

SHS 477 Aural Rehabilitation (3 credits)
Theories and methods in aural rehabilitation for persons who are hearing impaired; amplification; educational audiology; counseling techniques.

SHS 478 Language Impairment (3 credits)
Prereq 371. Assessment and habilitation for the preschool and elementary-age child with language disorders.

SHS 479 Neuroanatomy (3 credits)
Neuroanatomical and neurophysiological bases of speech production and audition; neuropathologies of speech, language, and audition.

SHS 482 Assessment of Speech and Language (3 credits)
Prereq SHS 376 or c//, 475 or c//; 478. Principles, techniques, and materials involved in exploring the nature of speech and language disorders; planning programs of therapy.

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