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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Technology Incubator

Technology Incubator

Innovating technological solutions to health care problems

More than training the next generation of doctors, the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine will help define the tools, technologies, and processes that doctors will use to better serve their patients and communities. The Technology Incubator is pivotal in that effort.

Uniting communities to solve health care problems

Health care providers face pressing needs for innovative technology to better serve patients—particularly as they deliver care in rural or medically underserved communities. Needs in these communities differ from those of traditional urban-centric communities. Unique challenges arise with patients that are geographically dispersed, and with many living in remote locations.

The Technology Incubator helps to rapidly develop and deploy technologies that strengthen the ability of health care providers to care for patients. This unique resource forges partnerships with patients, providers, industry experts, and technologists who can translate innovative ideas into real-world tools, technologies, and processes. It fuels medical technology startup companies. It empowers innovators to mastermind solutions that help better serve patients and communities.

“We need to be building the medical school of 30 years from now, not 30 years ago.”
—Andrew Richards, Technology Incubator officer, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Focusing on specific health care needs

The Technology Incubator develops tools, technology, processes, and innovations to address health care problems in the following areas:

Rural and underserved care

  • Expanding and improving availability, outcomes, and efficiency of care

Population health

  • Reducing health inequities or disparities among different population groups
  • Addressing health conditions that prevail in certain populations, and promoting shifts toward healthful behavior
  • Identifying methods to switch from volume-based to value-based care

How the Technology Incubator works

The Technology Incubator unites patients, students, providers, educators, businesses, and technologists to identify, understand and provide solutions to health care issues.

  • Identify information problems.
    The college forges partnerships with hospitals and clinics across in rural and medically underserved communities across the state. On-site clinicians (including medical students) identify information problems that those clinics and hospitals face.
  • Understand the scope. Apply existing solutions.
    The Technology Incubator works with clinicians to identify problems that can be solved. If the right technology already exists, the Incubator helps practitioners adopt it.
  • Innovate solutions within the University.
    If the right technology does not exist, the Technology Incubator consults with in-house university experts. A creative approach to solving the problem could lead to the launch of a new business.
  • Forge solutions through business partnerships.
    Beyond existing solutions and university led approaches, the Technology Incubator works with start-up companies, entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators to forge solutions for doctors in rural or medically underserved communities. It establishes seed funds to invest in technology. It helps advance concepts into viable products by driving collaboration between innovators and clinicians during the development process. The result is new solutions that have vetted technology and business models, real-world use by patients and providers, and a viable revenue stream. With a focus on productization and rapid deployment new intellectual property emerges that can benefit patients, providers and businesses. Startup companies that locate in Spokane will have access to additional resources including a shared incubator space.
  • Beyond business.
    Entrepreneurship, innovation, and the forward-thinking aspects of health technology help shape the doctors of tomorrow. The Technology Incubator collaborates with faculty, students, and other partners within the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine through Hackathons and other events. Additional partnerships with other colleges, universities and businesses are on the horizon.

Join us

Do you represent a clinic, hospital, or other health care provider that could benefit from the Technology Incubator? Are you an innovator or start-up with a concept or technology that aligns with the Technology Incubator’s areas of focus? Are you an investor seeking start-ups positioned for growth? Do you simply want to learn more? Please contact us!