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Supporting individuals and families affected with autism spectrum disorder and neurodevelopmental disorders through quality clinical service, innovative research, clinical education and community outreach.

The interdisciplinary Autism and Neurodevelopmental Program of Excellence in the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine addresses the needs of children and families impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodevelopmental disorders through comprehensive evaluation and clinical services, treatment planning, and family support.

Our faculty and staff include experts in the WSU College of Medicine as well as health care providers affiliated with community partner Range Community Clinic.

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Meeting a Critical Need

Within Washington State, and particularly in rural areas, there are a limited number of providers with the expertise to conduct comprehensive evaluations of ASD, resulting in an average waitlist of 12 months for access to appropriate evaluation and treatment.

The Autism and Neurodevelopmental Program:

  • Brings together multidisciplinary health care providers within a single team
  • Increases equitable access to timely, comprehensive evaluations
  • Assures accessible continuity of care for populations spanning 18 months – 18 years
  • Addresses the statewide shortage of skilled providers available for needed services

Raising the Standard of Health with Range Community Clinic

The on-site clinic is operated by Range Community Clinic, a non-profit academic health network operated in affiliation with WSU. In collaboration with the program, Range Community Clinic and its specialized clinicians deliver personalized care, wellness strategies and coordinated treatment to improve the health and well-being of children with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Telehealth services support children and families in underserved and rural communities.

Range Community Clinic staff working with child in clinic

Educating Health Care Leaders

Students enrolled in WSU health sciences colleges have the opportunity to train with specialized clinicians through the program. Students receive direct clinical training working in the on-site clinic serving children with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders with the goal to prepare future health care leaders to serve individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. Training experiences are available to students in different disciplines and may occur in either research or clinical settings.

Community-Based Services

We collaborate with clinical and community partners to support, advocate, and advance clinical research initiatives. This outreach effort includes invited talks, state-wide seminars, and collaboration for grant-funded research.

Advancing Speech and Hearing Sciences

In collaboration with the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences (SHS), we connect the established expertise and cutting-edge research of faculty to the delivery of comprehensive clinical care. By amplifying the clinical and research training SHS students receive, we set them up for success as future Speech Language Pathologists, a primary discipline serving children with ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Where Health and Research Converge

There is a national rise in children referred for specialty testing for neurodevelopmental disorders and a pressing need for early identification of ASD so that families can receive timely access to appropriate early intervention. To address this public health need, we integrate basic and applied clinical research programs and utilize leading-edge methodological, statistical, and technological approaches to better understand factors affecting neurodevelopment in children with ASD.

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