Payroll and Personnel

This team provides expertise in areas of personnel management and payroll processing including position creation, recruitment, onboarding, reclassifications, time and leave, costing allocations, and payroll verification. See below for frequently used forms and resources.

Frequently Accessed Forms

Helpful Information

Submit a College of Medicine Personnel Action Request form for the following actions: 

  • Direct Appointment: Non-Permanent/hourly, Student Employee, Graduate TA/RA, or Faculty Hire of an identified person 
  • New Position: New position; FTE not currently in structure (except direct appointment) 
  • Replacement: Backfill of an existing, vacant role requiring a recruitment
  • Reclassification: Change in job classification to current employee (Promotion)
  • Salary Increase: Increase for current employee
  • ADR/Stipend: Temporary stipend for additional duties
  • FTE Change: Change in hours per week of current employee

New Employee Orientation

New employees should complete New Employee Orientation within 30 days of their start date to meet Benefits election due dates. Get started with the WSU new employee orientation and complete the 3 informational trainings via Percipio.

MAC and Key Request Instructions 

Please follow the Key Request steps to request a key.


Leave Without Pay

Leave Without Pay (LWOP) should be entered and approved in Workday by each pay period ending date, the 15th and last day of each month.

Request Leave of Absence

  • To request a Leave of Absence (LOA), use the Workday Absence Calendar. Select the dates of longest potential time off needed. Use consecutive dates. Select the “Request Leave of Absence (LOA)” request type. 
  • Disability Services will be in contact regarding the LOA need. and are the internal College of Medicine contacts for LOA, time entry, and leave needs.

Submitting Time in Workday

  • Time should be submitted employee and approved by the supervisor on the 15th and last day of every month.
  • Overtime eligible employees must enter both time worked and leave taken each pay cycle. This includes: all non-permanent/temporary hourly, student hourly, civil service, and overtime eligible administrative professionals and faculty
  • Overtime exempt employees enter leave taken each pay cycle. This includes overtime exempt administrative professionals and faculty.

Hybrid and Work From Home Employees

Telework Agreement Policy

  • All employees who do not work on a WSU campus 100% are required to have an active telework agreement in place. Telework agreements should be valid for up to one year and may be renewed. If department will pay for employee travel to work site or for other needs, it must be specific in the agreement. 
  • The form should be completed by employee, signed by manager, IT review and signature completed and then routed to Brett Oglesbee as the Appointing Authority for finalization. The BPPM 60.34 is the Telework Policy and houses the current Telework Agreement Form.
  • Employees should mark “Work from Home” on their address in Workday to indicate they are a remote worker.