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Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine


Rural clinical partnerships expanding across the state

As part of its mission to expand medical education and health care access in communities across the state, the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is wasting no time establishing a presence in cities and towns across Washington—particularly in rural areas.

Over the past two years, ESFCOM representatives have met with hospital and clinic staff in 37 of Washington’s 39 counties. As of the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year, the college has secured 63 affiliation agreements with clinical partners across the state, with 24 of them being in rural communities.

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Camp Candoo brings summertime speech therapy

Summer camp often triggers images of campfires, jumping in the lake and cabin hijinks.

But summer camp with the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences means something different—and something life-changing.

Camp Candoo counselor works with a child

It’s called Camp Candoo, a summer camp for children with apraxia, a severe speech disorder. Candoo campers attend for two weeks of intensive speech therapy instruction and games. The children come from across the United States and even from Canada.

Childhood apraxia of speech is when … » More …

NEP students supply fresh food for students in need

The best and most nutritious food is often the freshest food. Yet, when it comes to food pantries, including the campus pantry that provides free food to WSU and EWU students in need of a nutritious meal, the options are typically canned and packaged goods.

WSU NEP students working in a garden

With a focus on supplying fresh, organically-grown food, students from the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science (NEP) developed a fresh food garden to supply the campus pantry.

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WSU College of Medicine invites participants to first health care hackathon April 13-15

Andrew RichardsTo achieve its mission of tackling health care challenges facing underserved communities across the state, the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is hosting its inaugural hackathon April 13-15 at the WSU Spokane campus.

The hackathon is an intense, three-day technology sprint in which attendees form teams, collaboratively identify and build technology solutions designed to solve rural and underserved health care issues, and present their solutions to a panel of judges for prizes.

“Technology and innovation are critically important in health care, especially as we … » More …

Epigenetics study helps focus search for autism risk factors

Lucia PeixotoBy Judith Van Dongen, WSU Spokane Office of Research

Scientists have long tried to pin down the causes of autism spectrum disorder. Recent studies have expanded the search for genetic links from identifying genes toward epigenetics, the study of factors that control gene expression and looks at chemical modifications of DNA and the proteins associated with it.

The challenge is knowing where to look, given that our genome is comprised of more than three billion nucleotides, or building blocks, of DNA.

Now, a breakthrough study by researchers at Washington State University and elsewhere has brought focus … » More …

Unique medical school paths provides opportunity to give back

Everybody’s medical school path is unique.

The paths taken by Larry Anderson and his wife Svetislava Vukelja—she goes by Sasha—and their hope for Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine students led them to establish the Dr. Lawrence L. Anderson and Dr. Svetislava Vukelja Endowed Scholarship for Medical Students.

“We just know how big of a challenge it is to finance medical education today,” Larry said. “It was a challenge thirty years ago when we went through it. This is an opportunity to give back.”

The son of a minister and an elementary school teacher, Larry grew up in Vancouver, Wash., and graduated from Washington State … » More …

Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine lands $10 million in new research grants

Researcher in LabFewer than three years since its inception, Washington State University’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is making its mark on university research by securing $10 million in new grants and contract awards this fiscal year.

Just six months into the college’s 2018 fiscal year (which began July 1), the sum is $2.7 million higher than new grants and contracts awarded in the entire 2017 fiscal year, and $3.9 million higher than those awarded in the 2016 fiscal year.

The grants will be used to explore a … » More …

Speech and Hearing Sciences students take second place at knowledge bowl competition

speech studentsSpeech and hearing sciences students from WSU and EWU finished in second place this month at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s knowledge bowl competition in Los Angeles.

The team—made up of WSU and EWU students from the University Programs in Communications Disorders (UPCD)—finished just .41 points behind the team from the University of Iowa, which is U.S. News and World Report’s top-rated communication sciences and disorders program in the country.

One team member shared her excitement for the second-place finish.

“It’s been a great morale booster for all … » More …

College of Medicine class profile gives glimpse into medical education need

ESFCOM First ClassA new profile of the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine charter class shows it is comprised of a strong percentage of women, low socioeconomic status and first generation students.

The class, a group of 60 students who are current residents of or have significant ties to Washington, represent a population of talented students who would otherwise have been forced to go out of state for their medical educations.

Selected from more than 700 applications that were submitted … » More …

Welcome Charter Class

Founding Dean John TomkowiakWe finally reached the moment we have awaited for so long – the arrival of our first class at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

For our 60 talented students, this marks the culmination of years of persistent and intense determination to attend medical school. These students, who represent 15 of the state’s 39 counties, have served in multiple countries around the globe, and who bring a wide range of diverse family, educational and professional backgrounds; are … » More …