Lucia Peixoto working in Lab

Research in the Department of Translational Medicine & Physiology

Leading the Way in Discovery and Improving Human Health

The Department of Translational Medicine & Physiology conducts research across the spectrum from basic discovery to application in human medicine. Our highly diverse team of researchers draws on expertise from a number of specialties to make new scientific discoveries, work in areas relevant to human health and well-being, translate those discoveries into advances in diagnostics and therapeutics, and train the next generation of scientists.

Research within the department focuses on several major research initiatives: neuroscience of sleep, neuroimmunology and aging, aspects of cancer biology, and male reproduction. Of these, sleep neuroscience serves as a core research initiative within the department.

To this end, we have several key, collaborative research groups whose work spans from basic research to translational studies in humans.

The department’s success is dependent on our faculty and researchers working in collaboration with each other and with other investigators across the county and around the world.

Areas of Research

Opportunities for Graduate Students

The department provides research opportunities to graduate students, in participating PhD programs, and to medical students. If you would like to join please email